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Press Conference: Sofia Carson

Article by Musically United

“Our voices are our greatest and most powerful weapon, and it’s our duty to use them.” Singer, songwriter, actress, and activist Sofia Carson is unapologetically loud in every aspect of her life. She has made it her mission to amplify the voices of individuals, and she is doing just that with her most recent single ‘Loud.’ The track’s bold lyrics and intense instrumentals describe the venture of a voice who breaks free from the shackles of being silenced. The voice is now louder than ever, and has finally become the most authentic version of themselves.

Sofia had the honor of creating the empowering anthem ‘Loud’ with songwriters Alida Garpestad Peck and Paris Carney. Sofia recalled recording the track with her mother in mind because she raised her to be “fearlessly loud.” Women around the world have taken the message of ‘Loud’ to heart, and continue to share stories of how they found their voices. The single has made such an impact to the point of creating a movement on social media with #madetobeloud. ‘Loud’ resonates deeply with all those who listen, and continues to change lives. The track may have been created by Sofia, but it belongs to everyone. “I believe truly that this song is not mine, but it’s ours and it would not exist without them,” Sofia shares.

Aside from music, Sofia uses her love of songwriting and storytelling as an actress. She most recently co-wrote and produced the soundtrack for the upcoming Netflix film Purple Hearts set to be released later this year. Sofia dove into the project even further by being an executive producer, and playing the lead role. She had the unique opportunity to bring her character to life by partnering with director Liz Allen in writing the script, and developing her character. Sofia recalls the entire experience of Purple Hearts as “an extraordinary and fulfilling experience,” and she cannot wait for everyone to finally meet her character, Cassie. Cassie is “the voice of this generation,” and is the perfect reminder that “we are the winds of change.” A part of Sofia lies within Cassie quite simply because every acting role she plays reflects who she is and her heart.

Sofia wears her heart on her sleeve as an activist and philanthropist as well. She is a part of the life-changing mission of the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation as their first-female Global Ambassador. Sofia has extended her role to partner with the foundation to co-sponsor a 4-year scholarship to the Berklee College of Music. This scholarship amplifies the voice and the art of a talented musician from around the world, and contributes to a more diverse industry. “Diversity in the industry is the knowledge that, and the celebration perhaps that there is space for all voices,” adds Sofia. She hopes this encourages individuals to follow their dreams, and soar to new heights. Sofia continues to make a social impact as a United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) ambassador, which she considers to be “the greatest honor of my life.” Through her work with UNICEF, she is advocating and fighting for the rights of children around the world, especially young women. She has had the privilege of meeting individuals whose lives have been changed through the gift of education. In December, she spoke at the United Nations on behalf of UNICEF to celebrate 75 years of their work.

Through all of her work as a musician, actress, and activist, Sofia will always remember the lesson her mother instilled in her: “The most important thing we can do in our lives is GIVE.” Sofia has dedicated her life to being loud, and drawing in those who are reluctant to listen. Her undeniable talent, courage, and kindheartedness sheds light into the darkness, and inspires others to do the same. Sofia is a role model for all, and she will continue to transform the lives of many, one voice at a time.


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