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Interview: Laye

Interview by Keira Zhou
Photo by Kyla Mah

When did you start playing music?

I always sang, but started playing music in high school.

What inspired to play music?

I mainly wanted to be able to sing my own songs and I had a passion for writing, so the two combined allowed me to pick up a guitar and start there.

Who are the influences of your sound?

I think whatever you hear growing up influences you. I didn’t listen to too much on my own, so it would be whatever others were playing me. I also grew up going to church, so a lot of church music to a certain extent. Not sure if there’s any of that influence on my latest released project- more so on the stuff I work on alone at home.

Photo by Kadeem Ellis

Could you tell us a little bit more about "lonesome"? What are the themes of the songs? What are the inspirations?

lonesome was done over a few years. Some of the songs were done without an album in mind but at the end of recording a bunch- I went through everything and grouped together the songs that I thought were friendly together. I listened to them all and wrote down what each one meant and ‘lonely’ was a concept that came up often with one song being called ‘lonely anthem’, with a few lyrics throughout different songs involving the word ‘lonely’ and then just overall that feeling being conveyed in others. Thinking of words that started with ‘L’, (because for some reason I wanted my album to start with an ‘L’) ’lonesome’ came to me and it sounded and felt like the perfect fit.

Photo by Anthony Tuccitto

You also worked with a lot of artists on lonesome, could you share with us some fun stories or memorable moments you had while producing this album?

Two of the songs that made my album were done during a SOCAN songwriting camp on Pender Island- which was neat for me because that was an experience I was almost going to pass on because I was very anxious about it. I ended up having an amazing time and those two songs, "likefck" and "better", are two of my favorites. 

I know that you used to write poetry, do you have a favorite poem or poet?

Not really, different poems catch my eyes at different times- sometimes I don’t even know the poet behind them!

What's your favorite food?


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