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Video Premiere: The Values- "Imposter"

Brooklyn-based band The Values have just released their music video for “Imposter” and honestly, what a treat. The song itself is a throwback banger jam-packed with glistening synths and forward motion, and the video follows suit. Produced by Bolex Studios and directed by Brandon Warrick, the video pays homage to the many artists The Values claim as influences. Their gender-bending dress up makes light of the artist’s struggle with imposter syndrome.

"Imposter syndrome is something I deal with constantly as a songwriter and performer. It’s not super fun, but in the song I was able to talk about it in a sort of humorous, tongue-in-cheek way which was really cathartic. I think the Bolex Brothers really nailed that tone in the video, because you get to see us just having a blast playing dress up and paying DIY homage to some of our favorite albums!" - Mason

Watch as Mason and Evan and the Bolex crew giggle their way through recreating classic album art.


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