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Video Premiere: Cry Babi - "Tangerine"

Photo by Keira Zhou

Hailing from Brooklyn, Cry Babi's explosive, kaleidoscopic, sonic landscape cements its foundation over multiple disciplines of rock 'n' roll. This contemporary Alt-Rock outfit is known for their energetic live performances and a seamless blend of Americana and Laurel Canyon nostalgia. Fronted by Greg Henits on vocals and John Mahoney on guitars, they knew their musical tastes were a match made in heaven on the day they met at Grand Central Terminal. Since then, they've attempted to push the envelope by incorporating eclectic sounds into a traditional yet relevant rock canvas.

Imagine you are on a beach - or an undisturbed desert - or some surreal combination of the two. "Tangerine" is all about imagery. Close your eyes and let the music take you away. Cry Babi evokes the studio mastery of the 70s and 80s while keeping things fresh and modern. Over the course of the song, energy consistently builds, climaxing with an epic guitar solo (á la "Hotel California''), and ending on one final double chorus as a grand release. Great for long drives along Big Sur!


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