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The Backseat Lovers: The North American Tour

(Photograph by Jared Snelson)

Looking to go to as many concerts after the pandemic as possible? Add The Backseat Lovers to your calendar. This Indie rock band performs on August 6th at the Foundry in Philadelphia. Odds are you have heard the viral song “Kilby Girl” and can look forward to hearing it live!

In 2018, four guys came together and started recording music together. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Joshua Harmon, bassist KJ Ward, lead guitarist and vocalist Jonas Swanson, and Juice Welch on drums and background vocals. They are from Herber Bay and Sandy, Utah.

The Backseat Lovers released their EP “Elevator Days” in June of 2018, ahead of their first full LP “When We Were Friends”, which was released late January in 2019.

Make sure to look into seeing this talented band in concert, as you could have the pleasure of hearing “Maple Syrup” live!

Article by Lindsey Dadourian


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