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Song Review: Deanna Devore ft. M. Istri "Lately"

Review by Jerbria Baker

A slow, ecstatic charming sound and an artist that cannot be named?! Arising from the fresh, energetic genre of dance and electric pop comes a hot new single. The song "Lately" consists of Deanna Devore and the unknown artist who so far is going by the name of M. Istri for this song only. This new track is both intimate and liberating.

The song obtains the meaning of soulfulness. Its a slower, versatile piece of work as it can be meant to express affection and staying in rhythm with a significant other. The song is accompanied by a beautifully executed music video that exaggerates the concept of harmony and jazzing up something so classic. The video takes place in a historically beautiful, luxurious building that magnifies elegance. More intense imagery is shown through talented ballet dancers and the way they flow together and create an instrumentally induced routine. The loud, charming vocals belted out by the unknown artist keeps you on your toes. The lyrics can be easily recognizable and simple, which gives it a more delicate tone against the brightly constructed instrumentals.

Devore's new song "Lately" is one to be in sync with yourself or maybe someone alongside you. It has the right balance of artistic expression and the value of unique harmony. So, listen and dance the night away, it will surely bring pleasure.


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