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Song Review: American Authors "Microphone"

Review by Jerbria Baker

A widely expressive anthem and a dance track induced sound. Deriving from the vast world of alternative pop and rock genre comes an incredible new song, "Microphone," composed by American Authors!

The track provides a unique addition of megaphoned effects among an outspoken lyrical composition. Lyrics suggest that to live now is to live loudly and proud enough to express who you are and help others do the same. The idea of the microphone is metaphorically called out. It is a way to introduce one's ambitions and self-acceptance loudly. It echoes the message sending and lending a helping hand to someone who may be too quiet. It is rhythmically fast-paced and can comfortably accommodate a party. It's clear beat drops and repeated quickly played instrumentals set the tone of making as much noise as possible. In order to make sure the sounds are heard and so that person is as well. There are a lot of versatile tones to listen to in this single from the loud raspy vocals to electric drums and guitars. It is well put together and balanced to please the ear.

"Microphone" feels so classic and unapologetically genuine and original. It is attached to the message of being bigger, better, and louder in the world we live in today. Go ahead and fuel up on American Author’s new single! Want to see them live? Catch them on tour with Magic Giant for the Band of Brothers Roadshow!


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