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Song Premiere: Sasa Stubbs - "Water In My Lungs"

SASA STUBBS, born Salvatore Galiano, is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer born in Germany and based in Los Angeles, CA. During his youth he moved around Germany and this experience shaped Sasa’s outcast identity, style, and tattoos. His empathy towards outsiders drives a unique musical curiosity that is represented in his genre-bending sound. In his own music, Sasa combines pop melodies and strong instrumentals, to do what he does best — defy norms and reinvent himself yet again.

"Water in My Lungs is about the agony of regret, whether it's an action you previously failed to take or words that you now consider a mistake; a pain that breaks your heart so badly it causes the lungs to fill with water. It’s an actual medical condition to have water in your lungs due to heart failure and I loved using this as a metaphor for a broken heart within a relationship. This song explores how our mental psyche can affect our physical being.

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