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Song Premiere: HUX "Heavy"

Meet Hux who is an up-and-coming artist/songwriter signed to Universal Publishing. About a year after signing his deal, he moved from Los Angeles to Nashville, where he has been steadily writing songs and developing his sound. The result of the time spent developing his craft is a sound he describes as “left-of-center pop with urban undertones”, told through songs inspired by his “learning to speak the truth, even when it feels messy”. Hux has pursued his artistry with patience and intentionality and he’s excited to now enter a new stage of his career, performing and releasing the music he’s worked so hard on.

"This song is about never really being able to escape from your past. No matter how hard you try to change, there's always something that creeps back in. It illustrates the emotional roller coaster that many people go through. Whether it'd be stress, anxiety, or depression that leads into different forms of self medication. Life can just leave you feeling heavy sometimes.”


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