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Song Premiere: Heavenly Faded - "False Memories"

Since their coming together, alternative dream rock band Heavenly Faded (NYC), have been writing, recording and setting the stage ablaze, since 2018. They are looking forward to closing out the dumpster fire that was 2020, with their sea-worthy new single, “False Memories”, the first single off their upcoming “False Memories EP”.

Following in the wake of their biggest single “CTRL”, and not to mention a near breakup, a pandemic, and the whole kitchen sink, the band continue to chisel away at their vision, closely illustrating their very own sound, thick with fuzzed-out, reverb-drenched guitars, ala Reignwolf and Oasis, and soaring, heartfelt vocals that feel like The Cure and U2 making love. And in the end, the sky that is the sound is all held up by a thunder and lightning rhythm section foundation, made of one part Led Zeppelin, and one The Arctic Monkeys.

Vocals, Guitar / LP Francisco Vocals, Guitar / Jake Stamoulis Bass / Rijk van Zanten Drums / Jared Pease


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