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Song Premiere: Daniel Ellsworth And Great Lakes + Remixes- "Way You Are"

Photo by Nick Fancher

Daniel Ellsworth + The Great Lakes is the sound life makes when it becomes ecstasy. It is the noise childhood makes when it surrenders to itself and becomes an ecstatic life. It is somehow simultaneously sweetness, energy, softness, and seduction. A strange alchemy that comes about in a town like Nashville — where they formed in 2010. It’s a place of internal Peter Pans. But there are a rare few who can be born from Nashville’s island of youth, insanity, and silliness only to survive and age into a continent of thirty-something honesty and humanity. DE+TGL is one of those rare few. Wise Lost Boys with a conscience, but still a thirsty, boyish spark. That is Daniel Ellsworth (lead vox, keys), Timon Lance (guitar), and Marshall Skinner (bass). A silky, organic monster made from the remnants of pop swagger, sunglasses, self-aware grown-up realism, road trips, anxiety, and just plain, pounding fun.

"We've been extremely lucky to have our good friends Boom Forest and Veinmelter both do a remix of our latest single "Way You Are." They are two of the most creative forces that I know. The latest Boom Forest album Hard Times, Anything Helps is without a doubt my favorite album of 2019. Veinmelter (Nashville's Winston Harrison) is a modular synth wizard and master of any instrument that he touches. His new music is something like David Byrne meets Radiohead. We knew they would both do amazing things with the song and they did not disappoint. The "Way You Are (Boom Forest Remix)" is like some sort of trippy haunted dance party and the "Way You Are (Veinmelter Remix)" is a dark and moody modular synth re-imagining of the track. We're so excited to be sharing these with the world."

Listen to"Way You Are" on all streaming platforms here


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