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Single Review: Waterparks- "Turbulent"

- Review by Madelyn Barba

The time to wait for a new Waterparks song is finally over! Releasing their newest single "Turbulent" this past Friday May 23rd, this song is exactly what Waterparks stans were hoping to hear. So many, including myself, were hopeful that this new song would be similar to their song TANTRUM off their hit album Entertainment. This new song is catchy, fierce, and emotionally courageous. It embodies the feelings that so many go through after a break up. The lyrics are daring, emotional, and completely raw. Awsten, the lead singer, really pours himself into this song. You can quite literally feel his anger and rage. The lyrics are fearless, Turbulent really showcases a new era for Waterparks, and I'm truly excited for it. If you haven't listened to Turbulent, what are you waiting for?

You can listen to Turbulent on all streaming networks!


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