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Single Review: VISTA- "Electric Souls"

Photo by Holly Turner

VISTA is an electronically-tinged rock band. Based out of New York, VISTA was formed in late 2015. Comprised of lead vocalist Hope Vista and guitarist Greg Almeida, the band combines both modern alternative rock and electronic influences to create their unique sound. VISTA is no stranger to the press, the band has accumulated praise from huge outlets such as Alternative Press, Rock Sound, Substream, and AXS. In 2017, VISTA supported alternative band Against The Current and completed two headlining US tours to support their 2017 sophomore EP "Long Live", which upon release made its’ way onto three different iTunes

charts. In 2018, VISTA released two singles, “Witch Hunt” (earning over 135,000 Spotify streams) and “Born For Blood”. They just completed their third US tour “The Bloodlust Tour,” and played multiple support dates with Alternative-Rock band Set It Off. If you haven't heard of VISTA, they should definitely be on your list of bands to check out this year, especially because they just released a new single, "Electric Souls" out today!

"Electric Souls" runs for a total of 3 minutes and 2 seconds. The beginning of the song has a rhythmic beat that is soothing and keeps the listener on their toes, the moment that beat drops is literally electric! Lead Vocalist Hope Vista does an amazing job on this song showcasing off her vocals in the background harmonizing to the beat. The lyrics, “We were born with Electric Souls, we were made with a different code, and I think our lives were meant to collide. We’re inspired by a larger dream, than a desk and a salary, and I thank the universe every night.” Taking these lyrics to a deeper level, this song is about finding a connection with someone who’s determination to succeed in life matches up with your own. It makes perfect sense as we all strive to succeed in life and we try to find the perfect partner to do it with. Not everyone is compatible with each other when it comes to working hard, success, or life goals, but when you’ve found someone that has that same fiery passion as you, it's incredible.

The lyrics, “We were born with Electric Souls, we were made out of something bold, and I

thank the universe that you’re alive, in the palm of my hand, I’ll never cry again, ‘cause you

sheltered me from all the pain inside” really scream to you when you break down the meaning behind them. Being human makes us special, being alive is one of the greatest gifts there is. Think of how big the universe really is for a minute, and how out of all the people in the world, you were born with this soul that makes you, well, you. In a way you could say we were born with a special or an Electric Soul. Another set of lyrics that I really like is, “Can you feel the flow, rushing to your toes, you and me are connected by the fire in our bones” the guitar in the background really complements the overall tone of the song. Guitarist Greg Almeida does an excellent job and could’ve easily killed a guitar solo, but for now fans will have to wait and see what the VISTA has in store! If VISTA is coming to a town near you, make sure you go check them out!


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