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Single Review: The Losers Club -"She's From Chicago"

Article by Jerbria Baker

Photo by Chris Stacy

Barreling through with a powerful anthem-like sound, this song will send you back in time to the older days of punk rock. The song you may ask? “She’s from Chicago” by the talented trio, The Loser’s Club, from Denver, Colorado. Let me tell you, this song does not disappoint.

The track starts off with an echo interpretation of the song's title, like an anthem. It then blasts full of intense drums and electric guitar. Which creates the atmosphere of classic punk rock. The instrumentals of the song don't overshadow the solid and excitable vocals. Rather it enhances its purpose to create a freeing, loud sound. The song eventually leads to slower introductions to drums on its own and for the guitar. It develops a balance for the attention on both vocals and beats. The track then ends with a sense of taking over and control.

So, who’s the girl from Chicago?! She is someone who might just be out of your league. She doesn't just dream, but she reaches her goals. The lyrics represent this in an admiring race against confidence and being sure of what you want and how you're gonna get it. A song to really pay attention to the idea of being independent and intriguing.

Are you ready to Rock?! The Loser’s Club’s single “She’s from Chicago” is here! The trio is also on their way to performing many shows this year! Engulf into the world of Cass Braido, Tristin Pounders, and Cade Ralston! And maybe you can be the next go-getter from Chicago.


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