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Single Review: Thanks. "Busy"

Review by Jerbria Baker
Photo by Josh Davis

A new sound that will send you in a sense of tranquility. The talented music duo, Thanks., has brought an abundance of their unconventional notoriety. With entrancing cover art that foreshadows its interesting concept. Arriving with their new single, "Busy," Steve Pagano and Mario Borgatta come in colorfully to catch their fans or new listener's attention to this song.

The track, "Busy," starts off right away with soft vocals uprising against a modernized, decades older type beat. It slowly builds up momentum to surprise the listener with a very rhythmic flow of guitar and faint but recognizable drum taps. Behind those instruments are sounds of the keyboard that lifts the song's unique sound even more. It continues to give off the feeling of going around in circles that the lyrics support by uniting some repetition.

This single lyrically explains how deep unrequited admiration can run in the mind. It describes going in and out of routines to make sure a one-sided love becomes two. The longing affection in return from another can run through someone's mind continuously and can even transform into a routine on its own. The lyrics are relatively understandable for anyone's ear and combined with mellow vocal tones that emerge you into a kind of entrancing void.

So go ahead, now you can stay "Busy" and play Thanks.' new single on repeat.


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