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Review by Jerbria Baker

An upbeat, hopeful, jazz serenade. From the sensual genre of pop-punk and soul comes a confidently constructed sound. Swedish born and London based artist JANOS has come with a powerful and reassuring new single, called "STICKY/STICKY." It not only includes a catchy rhythm but a closer inside look of him and his mind.

The track slowly starts with guitar plucking and builds up into a more dramatic flow. This includes the song being beautifully filled with brass instruments. The way the instrumentals are played, and out into balance, there is a sense of familiarity and soulfulness. Sturdy, rich-toned vocals accompany the profound sounds of up-liftment.

Lyrically JANOS examines the rocky concept of pursuing true happiness and dreams. Besides having those big aspirations, you may have to get through really tough, self-diminishing experiences to look forward. Often, what we choose not to let go and develop into habits will hold us back in the future, leaving one only to hope they get where they desire to be and who they want to be seen as to the world.

JANOS and his new single represent being confident in individuality, and acknowledging one's setbacks and having hope to get through them. Dreams are inevitably prone to the future we create. Listening to this new song will surely motivate and help the ones who need a push in the world.


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