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Single Review: Dysplay- "Dream"

Review by Jerbria Baker
Photo by Gordon Yould

Nostalgic and totally radical, flourishing musicians Eric Scullin and Devin Hoffman have composed the group they are known as today, and their name is Dysplay.

Dysplay's new single "Dream" will immerse interest in the alternative pop world of the '80s. Come forth an electric, synth-based rhythm and beat that will not stop you from singing along or dancing your heart out. Accumulated is a chime enacted by inspiration of the desire to live life again. This song represents an exhilarated time in a life full of adrenaline and illusive endeavors. The robust and instrumental value brought out into this song brings out a more profound connection along with the meaningful, visually induced lyrics.

There is a sentimental approach to the reconnection of memory full of rapture and a sanctuary to run away to for a good time. There is a longing to visit this dream-like remembrance with a special someone that was also there. Sometimes a memory can be the most life-changing and to go back and experience it all over again can be what someone wishes to be possible. That person may do whatever they can to reenact it once again and reconcile their mind and perceptions.

Capturing the attention of an exciting experience while engaging the listener into a trip back in time is totally far out. Dysplay has represented their unique style in music and their attention to using older sounds to create their new projects. Go check out their charming, new tune and music video, "Dream," you won't want to stop listening.

Stream "Dream" on Spotify


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