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Single Review: Broadside "King of Nothing/ Empty"

- Review by Madison Boyce

On May 15th pop punk band Broadside dropped two brand new singles. One titled “King Of Nothing” and the other titled “Empty”. These two songs are the newest addition to the Broadside discography in nearly two years! Broadside currently consists of lead singer Oliver Baxxter, Pat Diaz on bass, Domenic Reid on guitar, and Jeff Nichols on the drums.

The first song titled “King of Nothing” takes a darker turn. King of Nothing is about being the best, but still not feeling like it. You can be at the top, but not have anything. Sometimes what seems to be the best, may not feel like it in your head. Overcoming anxieties is something we all can relate to so that's a reason why I feel this is such a solid track.

The second single is titled “Empty”. This is a song about relationships and how they can fall apart. In one of the lines in this song Oliver asks a question “Do you wanna fall in love knowing that we’ll fall apart?”. The emotion that flows through his vocals while asking this deep question definitely hits hard. This song talks about how in a relationship you can go from feeling so much to feeling empty or nothing at all.

Broadside never fails to put out killer music. With these new songs Baxxter seems to have grown vocal wise since the release of their record Paradise in 2017. King of Nothing and Empty shows a huge improvement on the the band, they have grown and matured. These tracks definitely got me excited to see where Broadside will go next!


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