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Show Review & Photos: Sundara Karma/ War Child/Phoebe Green/Alfie Templeman

- Photos by Tatiana Whybrow

- August 28, 2019

- Chess Club Records

- London, UK

On September 28th, Chess Club Record's lined up a night to remember with their three artists Alfie Templeman, Phoebe Green, and earlier this year Brixton headliners Sundara Karma. The event, located at EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney), was created to raise awareness for the charity War Child. An organisation that protects, educates, and stands up for the rights of children in war. To donate to this cause, please head here:

The night was commenced by Alfie's presence on stage, playing tracks from his recently released EP 'Sunday Morning Cereal', as well as first EP 'Like An Animal.' The crowd warmed up to his experimental, indie tracks, and listened respectfully through unreleased song: 'Don't Go Wasting Time.' Friends and family watched from the crowd, naming it his best show yet, rightfully confirmed by Alfie himself. 

Next to grace the stage was Phoebe Green, her sweeping orange dress taking us back to 80s fashion, as well as her soft synth-pop style voice. Having released her first album before a single, Phoebe already set herself out from the crowd as unique in her ways. Her music being no exception to this. Her set was entirely ethereal, with the crowd swaying along to her gentle tracks. 

Before headliners Sundara Karma took to the stage, War Child took a moment to discuss their cause and allow for the crowd to text and donate. A speaker also joined them on stage to highlight his own struggle, and fears from previously living in a country of war as a young child. This was met by an applause from the crowd, and the lights went dark in anticipation. 

The band stepped out onto stage, breaking into 'A Song For My Future Self' from their album 'Ulfilas Alphabet' released earlier this year. During their second track, 'Higher States', Oscar held his hand out into the crowd, fans screaming and reaching back at him in excitement. Track three, their older classic 'Flame', brought out further eruptions of singing from the packed venue. Oscar's Bowie-esque voice bringing rock styles into their indie creations. The night ended with their regular show-closer 'One Last Night On This Earth', leaving the thrilled crowd speechless from the night's three performers.

Sundara Karma

Phoebe Green

Alfie Templeman

War Child


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