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Show Review & Photos: iDK HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME

- Show review & Photos by Tatiana Whybrow

- August 22, 2019

- Electric Ballroom

- London, UK

Last night at the Electric Ballroom, iDKHOW played their biggest UK headlining show to date. With over 1,500 eager fans pouring through the doors, carrying rainbow flags and flowers - some had even camped from 4 AM to be close to their idols. The duo consists of Dallon Weekes, ex-bassist of Panic! At The Disco, and Ryan Seaman, ex-drummer for Falling In Reverse. The two man band climbed on stage during their ‘Intro’, jumping straight into their first released single ‘Modern Day Cain’. Their set was filled with theatrics, and their full EP "1981 Extended Play" was played alongside multiple "The Brobecks" covers reminiscing of Dallon’s previous band. Fans sang along to every single track played. During the song, ‘Visitation of The Ghost’ by The Brobecks, Dallon stepped off stage and parted the crowd down the center. He had previously made a speech reminding the crowd to be respectful of him, before making his decision to walk through them. During this intimate moment, Ryan played both Dallon’s bass and drummed. Their set also encompassed a short cover of ‘I Want It That Way’, by The Backstreet Boys, leaving the crowd shouting along to the words. As well as both musicians asking their side of the crowd to scream for them, to decide who was more popular - Dallon winning by a small amount. The band’s 1980's aesthetic was held onto through Dallon’s bright orange jacket, and Ryan’s white flowery shirt. Their set was closed by The Brobecks song, ‘Boring’, with both Ryan and Dallon bowing to the crowd after the song had finished. iDKHOW are a band to keep your eyes on, as they start making a rise. Only playing Slam Dunk Festival earlier this year, as well as Reading and Leeds festival this weekend.


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