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Show Review & Photos: Deal Casino

Review by Madelyn Barba
Photos by Christina Morgan

Deal Casino never fail to put on an amazing show. They do a great job at engaging with their audience and show a true passion for music. Joe P. the front-man, gets so invested into the music, his entire body literally is in tune with the beat. At one point in the show he even tried to teach the audience some of his fabulous dance moves, but of course, Joe does it better. Toward the end of their set, Joe P. decided he wanted to do something exciting. Now this is something he has done at many shows and it never fails to capture the audience. He climbs as high as he possibly can on the stage, and jumps from that point. Every person in the crowd looks up at him in complete awe. If its your first time seeing Deal Casino, it's something you wouldn't expect and that's what makes it so great. Deal Casino are full of energy, devotion, and excitement. They truly love what they do, they could be playing for ten people or ten thousand people, the show will be exactly the same.


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