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Press Conference: Sally Sossa

Article by Jerbria Baker

From her hit single “Star Song '' featuring Lil Durk to the mainstream light, presented to you is Sally Sossa! Brought to you by a recent press conference, accompanied by her vulnerability, talent, and fun personality, we get to enjoy Sally’s presence and concept of music and life!

Bringing in the start of the conference, Sally Sossa was asked what inspires her to make the music she makes. She responds with, “My pain…understanding myself as a person… gives my listeners motivation and hope to know that whatever they are going through…it will get better….” Following this, about her thoughts on others “not being afraid of who they are,” she takes the time out to enthusiastically present her new song, “Zodiac Signs!” She passionately has taken the time to create this song to help her listeners embrace their zodiac signs.

Exploring her talent and mind, who is she? Sally Sossa, in her own words, is “ a sweet, loving, humble, and noble young woman. And that Sossa is vicious, hungry, a monster. I'm two in one..” So what does she represent? “...empowerment. I respect being able to do and be you freely and not be ashamed about what the world thinks of you…..” Sally Sossa is a talented artist who wants to empower those not to want to be anyone else! Which I would say is one of the best pieces of advice you could ever receive!

Rap Battles and Daiquiris?! Sally Sossa grew up participating in rap battles! She was often really good at it and enjoyed the craft at five on up to twelve years! She was able to have “Up north and down south” influences. This gave her “confidence,” as she won first place in one of the biggest rap battles between her cousin's sister and one of her homegirls! This was not only an incredible challenge to have as a fan of rapping but fun. The same goes for her creative process! When it comes to music, the process can be one of the most important things. For sally Sossa, “picking up her sister, my sidekick…making daiquiris …at-home vibe. Sometimes I go to the studio alone… every day is a different day…that's what I like about it…nothing is ever the same.” It sounds very chill to me!

As said by Sally Sossa, she has some advice for upcoming artists! “Keep your spiritual ideology first… believe in yourself, be consistent…stay true to who you are. We have enough people out here trying to be like other people. Everybody wants to find someone new to fall in love with. Don't be afraid to listen to people and listen!” Entering into more of Sally Sossa, we get into her past and how it has affected her life and music endeavors; then, we go into the question of her being kicked out at sixteen and developing independence. “Ultimately changed her views and perceptions on life… I felt neglected, like; You can either go to try to start a family of your own to feel loved. Or you can go build a legacy of your own.” So, Sally Sossa decided to take this experience and make it something that made her “...stronger…wiser…at the end of the day I have God, and I don't need to feel alone…because I am not. This pushed me to make music because there are a lot of people who feel depressed…abandoned. “You have to find that good tune in your heart to pick up on that beat.”

What can we hear from Sally Sossa in the upcoming year for her new EP?! She exclaims we should expect an “Un-skippable Ep…to be happy…cry and shed a tear, expect to feel all of the emotions…and expect to feel motivated after.” Her inspiration derives from wanting to take her listeners “Out of this world….” We can't wait to hear the fresh new music from Sally Sossa! No matter who you are, remember, you're a star!


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