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Press Conference: Kendra Jae

Article by Jerbria Baker

The show stopping, rising star Kendra Jae is blazing her way through the Hip-Hop and R&B industry! From her recent single, “BIG,” to one of her hot songs, "SeeSaw," featuring her long-time friend, Saweetie, Kendra Jae is one to look forward to. With her fearless and driven personality, we dive deeper into her world from a recent conference regarding personal life, music, and her inevitably victorious future in the music industry!

Entering the world of Kendra Jae, she describes herself as "very hands-on.” She contributes from developing purposeful songs to concepts for music videos within her music creation and being specific when working with collabs. "...being a newcomer and the resume I had…everything I do must scream originality.” Additionally, her creative process with her team is “spare of the moment at the moment.” For example, an emotion or situation may occur in which she elaborates on a “cheat sheet.” This “cheat sheet” is then used when she starts recording in the studio. Which helps identify the style of her music so far. She describes her music as “raw and organic.” She “doesn’t like to be boxed in, but to create freely!” Her primary focus at the moment concerns her putting her name out there more. “...taking my dancing experience, putting my real-life experiences in my music, and building my brand." So what’s in store? “Molding her Kendra Jae name” is a priority right now. Along with her new debut EP coming soon which will be more of a new record, and she is so ecstatic to share! She is making sure this new album is going to be incredible.

As said by Kendra Jae," Inspired by many but influenced by just a few." When it comes to Kendra Jae and some artists that have impacted her career, she exclaims her admiration for Aaliyah and Janet! “Aaliyah was classy and had an undeniable talent and fashion sense. Janet was a powerhouse; she took her background of dancing and became a superstar." Some honorable mentions include Usher and Beyoncé, but most importantly, her father. He was a “music head,” so music was played in the car, from Tupac to others alike, which boosted her interests during her younger years.

The challenges that may have gotten in Kendra Jae’s way included switching from dancing to singing. She says, “I always knew I was going to be here…It wasn’t a matter of if; it was a matter of when.” She says “ I went from working as a dancer to not having the guts to pull the plug…” but the pandemic “forced her to play those cards.” She was able to work on her music and "bet" on herself, which is a fantastic motivation and push towards her dreams. Which makes us wonder. Where does she find herself in five years? She wants to become a “ mogul eventually. She is locked in and focused on what she is doing now. So, what does it take? “Knowing who you are as a woman, as an artist, how you want people to perceive you.” This is what Kendra Jae emphasizes for advice for other upcoming female artists. “Making sure that everything you stand for is with intention…creates a world where you can coexist with peace.” Some advice she continues to take with her till this day is, “It is not on you; it’s in you.” From Nipsey Hussle. Which she has deemed advice that she has carried on for a long time and to also, as she says, “Understand your power… dedicating yourself to your craft leads to success.”

Kendra Jae’s “BIG” outreach is one to astonish and take over the Hip-Hop and R&B industry. But also so much more! She is not only a talented dancer and singer, but she knows what she wants! As she stands out and takes on her world, she is willing to continue to be the ambitious person to thrive and soar towards her fans and new listeners alike!


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