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Press Conference: ArrDee

Article by Jerbria Baker

Swooping in with an insane, fiery music style and personality, comes an artist growing in the rap genre. Who is this, you may ask? Its ArrDee, showing up front and center from the UK. In this recent press conference, we dive into ArrDee’s new mixtape drop, style of music, and personality!

Jumping right in, a question based on what area of the world’s music market he would like to focus on, he says, “As I'm expanding, the whole idea of it is to go global.” This just sets the right tone for the right growth for this artist. Moving up, growing, and developing is all part of the process. ArrDee was asked how he approaches his writing when composing his music. He says, “In terms of writing, I have to make sure the vibe is right, not just me but everyone in the room. I will just be like bouncing out bars out loud…engaging in their kind of reaction.” Adding to this, the rock genre has also helped in his writing as he says, “Rock music. It is what I grew up on. AC/DC… Guns and Roses…that's why you hear a lot of guitars.” After the writing, comes of course the recording of the session. “Recording it, the difference between me and other rappers is that I'm almost like smiling as much as I can while rapping…when you're listening back you can hear it and feel it when someone is happy and smiling when they're talking, and it gives off that vibe.” This, I would say, requires particular skill and a lively personality!

“I may come across as unintelligent. Just because I obviously bounce around dancing. I have a lot of comical bars…but there is intellect behind it.” ArrDee exclaims after being asked what one misconception surrounding him from what others may think of him was. “Maybe the fact that I am not as happy-go-lucky. There is a lot of hard work…stress…there is a lot that goes on.” With this being said, everyone has their ways of expressing who they are and what they may be going through, and sometimes it's not always what it seems to be from an outsider looking in.

Music Video and Acting! We got an inside look at ArrDee’s music video for his track “Come and Go,” He explains what it was like making it and his favorite thing about it. “This is my first video where it wasn't me just jumping and dancing around. There was more acting involved… It was my first time having to do that whole acting side of a music video. He also expresses new techniques he had to endure, like “Working on facial expressions and trying to tell the story properly.”

Growing up rapping, advice, and new mixtape! ArrDee was asked for advice on how to block negativity when developing your craft and finding your voice. “I think it all relates back to manifestation. No one ever understands greatness until it has already happened. You have to see past the fact that once you have that fan base, there will be people out there that like you. Just right now, you might be listening too much to people that don't like you.” Moving forward, “The UK fans love that real rap.” ArrDee says that his new mixtape “Pier Pressure” is dropping soon; his style is “Not intense. The tape is a lot more personal. It has a few jumpy, party, litty songs on there. My idea for this project was to introduce myself as a full artist. It unveils a lot more layers to me not just as an artist but as a person.”

Be the first to listen to “Pier Pressure”! It is out now and ready for fans and new listeners alike. Enjoy and embrace the world of ArrDee through this versatile mixtape. Get up and press play, you don't want to miss it!


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