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Press Conference: Anson Seabra

Article by Jerbria Baker

Photo by Matty Vogel

The charismatic, delightful, and captivating pop artist Anson Seabra embraces his passion for music as he is welcomed in a press conference this past October! We were able to get a more

interpersonal, excitable look inside Seabra's musicality and personality.

To kick off the conference, Seabra was asked how he would describe his music style in which he responds as a "whimsical style of writing." He uses stories in his music, which he refers to as "fairy tales" a lot, and how it often has different concepts that correlate to his reality

and so on. He also talks about what movies he would want his music to be played in. "Any Disney movie" would be something he would be interested in having his music implemented as a "Gold standard." Something "dramatic" and awe-inspiring. In acknowledging his way of making music, like writing in his bedroom comparing it to the music industry in which, " is easy to get stuck in a certain style of writing..." But when he is alone, it is “freeing when not having someone tell you what to do...more intimate...vulnerable..." Following this in finding inspiration amongst making music, one person that he thinks is his muse or inspiration would be Ed Sheeran. As he describes him as "unbeatable."

Moving into his overwhelmingly victorious career, Seabra responds to a question about

Tik Toks's role in growing his musical career. He does not want to be recognized as a "Tik Tok

artist." Seabra is confident that he would still be successful even if he was never on Tik Tok. In his words, it is a "blessing and a curse. but more of a blessing." Because he does have so much love brought to him on the platform. Still, he is confident he would have been successful regardless.

Adding to his success, Tik Tok creators have used his lyrics to tell their own stories. "...A lot of my songs I wrote in a deeply distressed state...a very lost place...seeing people do things with the songs and relate to's good for me. It makes me feel like my suffering wasn't in vain. Now I'm in a better place, and it wasn't for nothing.” He realizes that most people may feel alone but may not have the clarity to articulate it like he had the chance to. Which has confirmed to him that he is not the only person that may have felt that way.

Moreover, Seabra is looking towards embracing the "human aspect" of touring. He "isn't

just making songs for is affecting people in a potent way...the most magical thing

about the tour is seeing your results...people singing along" to his songs. With this being said,

Anson Seabra loves the connections between him and his music and fans as they helped him

realize how much he has had an impact on so many people. Which I would say is pretty

encouraging and enlightening.

Lastly, getting into the holiday spirit in November? Seabra is currently moving to put out

a Christmas Ep with two original songs and two covers. Which "started out as a joke, but turned out way better than expected." I would say this is something that would provide so much holiday anticipation this year! Closing out, Anson Seabra is genuinely an inviting admiration in the pop genre. Full of well-spoken, introspective wisdom and intellect! We are indeed looking forward to what he will accomplish and uniquely create in the next chapter in the music world of Anson Seabra's magical story!


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