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Photo Gallery & Show Review: PVRIS

- Photos and Review by Tatiana Whybrow

- February 20, 2020

- Electric Brixton

- Brixton, London

PVRIS’ London headliner was one to remember. With fans queuing around the venue from 9am, the atmosphere already electric in the lines around the small venue. The band’s stage entrance at 9:15 was preceded by the openers Joywave who - fully dressed in white - danced around the stage and brought an indie atmosphere with their tracks, lifting up the already eager fans.

The anticipation was ever growing for PVRIS, and the crowd were not disappointed with their high energy song ‘What’s Wrong’ as they graced the stage for the first time. The set encompassing songs from their first album Mirrors, their latest album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell and their latest Hallucinations EP. With such a diverse mix of tracks, the crowd were screaming along to every song, opening up mosh pits for songs such as ‘My House’ - Lynn avoiding her usual crowd entrance as according to Twitter she feared her trousers would come loose. Their third song ‘Half’ featured singer, Lynn, drumming with the band’s newest member Denny in an impressive solo. Guitarist Brian also showed off his talents in their later song, ‘Winter’ with a guitar solo. Before singing ‘Holy’, Lynn asked the crowd to put down their phones and enjoy the moment for at least one song. Jokingly placing a unicorn headband on thrown from the crowd and demanding there be no photos or phones out at the risk of her taking it off. Of course some sneaky fans managed to get shots, but the crowd remained mostly present. Witnessing Lynn cross the stage and placing the headband onto guitarist Brian’s head, and then taking it over to bassist Alex too.

For the band’s first London headliner in 2 years, it was like they had never left. The crowd going crazy for their final song with mosh pits and crowd-surfing (despite the venue’s efforts to stop it). With such an energetic performance, PVRIS aren’t a band you want to miss when playing a show near you.


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