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Photo Gallery & Show Review: New Rules

Photos by Josie Wheel

November 22, 2021

Birmingham O2 Institute

Birmingham, UK

New Rules consists of three lively lads, Alec McGarry, Nathan Lambert and Ryan Meaney; all of which express talent in both vocals and instruments. New Rules were recently signed to Elektra Records and have been building an international audience; selling out two headline tours across the UK, Supporting Picture This and Little Mix and growing a large social media following with over 1 million Tiktok Followers and 5.4 million YouTube views! New Rules embarked on their rescheduled tour in November of 2021, visiting 6 major cities across the UK, selling out audiences most nights! New Rules visited Birmingham on their fourth stop of their tour, playing the O2 Institute to a crowd of 1,500! They were supported in Birmingham by Nathan Gurd and Nathan Smoker, two upcoming lads within the industry who really got the crowd going during their two sets! New Rules came running out to a screaming crowd, holding signs and cardboard cut outs! They opened the show with their latest single ‘Really Wanna Dance with You’ which welcomed more screams and excitement as the lights flashed and the boys engaged with the crowd! Familiar faces greeted the boys front row, as fans were seen wearing wristbands from previous shows on the tour! It was clear these boys are loved and fans are travelling across the UK with them to see every single show! The crowd were getting involved, clapping, singing and screaming along to every song on the setlist, be it their first single ‘Call It’ or unreleased songs such as ‘Cheers’! Lights flashed across the audiences faces, showcasing smiles and cheering faces, everyone screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs! The boys took it in turns chatting away to the crowd about experiences on tour, meanings behind their songs and appreciation for everyone in the crowd! Their engagement with the audience was immense as they had preplanned a song named after a girl called ‘Amy’ through a twitter reply thread which saw great response from the crowd! The boys were throwing their guitar pics out into the crowd which saw excited screams and cheers from those in the crowd who caught them! Alec Mcgarry was handed a pride flag from the audience and wore it throughout the set showing support to the LGBTQ+ community which received lots of cheers! With their new single ‘Cheers’ due to be released on December 3rd,Alec, Ryan and Nathan invited the audience to pre-save the single tonight on Spotify and show this to the merch stand to receive discounted wristbands which resulted in masses of phones being held up showing the pre-saved single! The three boys were brought a mystery alcoholic beverage to drink whilst ‘cheering’ the crowd to commemorate the new single which was followed by some fumbled words and questionable tipsy dancing! New Rules put on an incredible show with a selection of unreleased songs and classic singles which was welcomed well by the whole of the Birmingham crowd! They are one to watch and follow on social media as they continue to grow and release more singles!


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