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Photo Gallery & Show Review: Max & Harvey/Jenna Raine

- Photos by Josie Wheel

- February 17, 2020

- O2 Academy

- Birmingham, UK

Max and Harvey are an English Singing duo who rose to fame thanks to Social Media and then competed in The X Factor Celebrity 2019 contest in which they came second place. They are identical twins from England who have been singing since they were eight years old and began their social media journey in March 2016. There first Uk tour was in 2017 which then took them on to tour the Us with Zach Clayton leading to more tours coming up in the UK. Their 2020 February tour is their third headline in the UK.

Birmingham was the second date of the tour and there was incredible energy from the crowd. Jenna Raine opened for Max and Harvey and had a tremendous welcome from the crowd, even more so because it was her 16th birthday. The whole audience were singing back to Jenna Raine which created an incredible atmosphere before they even came on.

Max and Harvey played a short video in which Harvey was running late for the show. Throughout this video they were making comical jokes which left the whole crowd laughing back and the cheers getting louder. Both boys ran on stage to cheering and screaming from the crowd with many girls on the front row tearing up.  They started the show with “One More Day in Love’ which was their first ever single release. Throughout their set they sang various songs which they have release across the years thrown in with covers and remixes. Their show was split up into three sections in which they began with Video introductions which Max and Harvey then came onto stage to. During this they highlighted their X Factor journey and how far they have come from their first videos!

They had an incredible atmosphere throughout the whole show with all ages enjoying the set! Max and Harvey had an amazing stage presence which was shown throughout and their interaction with the crowd was impeccable. It isn’t surprising that they have such a large fan base which is ever growing. Both boys are incredibly talented and will be ones to watch in the future.

Jenna Raine


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