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Photo Gallery/Show Review: Bring me the Horizon/ You me at Six

- Photos & Review by Tatiana Whybrow

- September 22, 2021

- Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

- Cardiff, UK

As Bring Me The Horizon hit the stage once again for their only UK tour this year, it was no surprise that they were going to put on quite the show. After releasing their latest album ‘POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR’ late last year, fans have been anxiously looking forward to hearing these technically elaborate tracks live. With leading singles ‘Parasite Eve’, ‘Obey’ and ‘Teardrops’ all giving us a taste of Bring Me The Horizon’s Sempiternal era with a modern twist of electronic blends, these songs were sure to rile up the crowd like no one else is doing.

Cardiff Motorpoint Arena was packed to the brim for this sold out show, as thousands queued around the block from morning to evening. But even with headliners as impressive as Bring Me The Horizon, the excitement only built when opening acts Nova Twins and previous headliners of the venue You Me At Six were added to the bill. Nova Twins built the energy with ease from the minute they greeted the crowd; as many were still pouring in the venue they didn’t miss a moment at catching your eyes and ears for every precious moment they had.

Not long after You Me At Six certainly didn’t drop the ball, mixing their set with newer releases from their critically-acclaimed new album SUCKAPUNCH as well as crowd pleasers ‘Reckless’ and ‘Underdog’ that had many raising their voices and getting off their feet. After two years of being stuck at home, the emotion behind every word and song was not lost as front-man Josh Francheschi spoke about how happy he was to return to live music once again. Emotional and slow, ‘Take on the World’ only further had the crowd falling for this charismatic five-piece with their lights in the air and united voices chanting ‘and just say the world, we’ll take on the world.’ You couldn’t possibly tell that they weren’t the headlining act from their astonishing performance, yet when they left the stage everyone was reminded of the genre-hopping stars they’d come to see.

Stepping out on-stage with streamers and bright bold lighting, Bring Me The Horizon shortly blew minds with their absolutely insane production that tops every year they’d previously headlined stadiums. Stood in front of vibrant visual screens and front-man Oli Sykes reclaiming the stage had fans lighting up in awe of the show set out in front of them. As the group swapped between plentiful eccentric elements throughout we saw mysterious female dancers later switching to men in hazmat suits shooting out smoke cannons and even a rising and lowering screen that encased the band behind an intricate electronic visual display. Their setlist didn’t fall short either, with tracks ranging from Sempiternal to their latest releases, including newly released single ‘DiE4u’, met with heartfelt words about Oli finally understanding how fans can tell them BMTH saved their lives. The show was a once in a lifetime experience, sure to see Bring Me The Horizon swiftly put on everyone's must-see artist list. Although this tour is now in its closing days, we’d truly recommend keeping an eye on Bring Me The Horizon’s later endeavors as from every time we've seen them hit the stage their production and performance has always been a unique and unmissable experience. Opening acts You Me At Six and Nova Twins are also equally as exciting performers, and certainly worth keeping an eye on for all their future projects.

Bring Me The Horizon

You me at Six


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