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Photo Gallery & Show Review: Madison Cunningham/ S.G. Goodman

Photos & Review by Alexis Marzo

October 28, 2021

Le Poisson Rouge

New York, NY

November 28th, I was lucky enough to attend Madison Cunningham's "All I’ve Ever Known Tour" at LPR (Le Poisson Rouge) in New York City. As soon as Madison appeared on stage, everyone’s face glowed with happiness. She has a delicate yet powerful voice. She plays guitar with everything in her soul. People were absolutely mesmerized every time her guitar solos in her songs would come up. Her song ‘Life According to Rachel’ did not leave one dry eye in the house, as it is a song everyone can relate too. She reveals to her fans about how this song was one she wrote for her late grandmother. This song produced chills all over my body, as the lights were down, and one single light beam shined on her. Even though you were in a room filled with people it felt like such an intimate moment.

Madison was accompanied by musical artist S.G. Goodman, her presence

was very witty and charming. The crowd loved her stories, especially hearing the

way she promoted herself on dating apps when the world was shut down. Her

music gives off a mix of blues, folk, and country. The crowd was absolutely

captivated every time she sang, her song ‘Space and Time’ left everyone

speechless. It Is just one of those songs that will absolutely make you pick up the

phone to call a loved one and remind you we never know when our last days are.

Everyone cheered her on the entire show. If you haven't checked out these talented women, please do so. It will be an unforgettable experience.


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