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Article & Photos: Oh, Weatherly

Photos by Jamary Bobe

If you enjoy pop, rock or alternative music, Oh Weatherly is the band you definitely want to check out right now. Based out of Dallas, Texas; Oh, Weatherly consists out of five really cool guys. They include lead vocalist Blake Roses, bassist Beau Harris, guitarist and vocalist Reece Alan, drummer Colton Lakey, and guitarist Angel Bedoy. Their EP "Make You Bright" was released in October of 2017, and they later released their debut Album "Lips Like Oxygen" in July of 2018. Oh, Weatherly is currently signed with Hopeless Records. They just released their EP "Lips Like Oxygen Re-imagined" on April 1st and we were excited to be part of it! Make sure you check it out!

Listening to Oh, Weatherly’s music makes me want to roll down my car windows and drive around on a hot summer day. Their music is a perfect mix of strong rock while still being able to perfectly master a slow, soothing tune. Some songs make me feel nostalgic, like "Love and Poetry". Early 2000’s bands are my favorite and this song especially reminds me of those days. The ability to produce so many different genres on one album is such a talent, and Oh, Weatherly is definitely not lacking in that category.

Other than rocking out on tour or creating new music, the guys are really chill and super sweet. They love to meet their fans, and are always in the mood for some good pizza and fun times! In his free time, band member Angel Bedoy runs his own clothing company called "Half Hart". His apparel states “I Saw You and Felt Nothing.” Via his Instagram stories. He expressed that it's “a brand formulated to find balance in love, everything in moderation, and alter your vision to stimulate progression." Now you know us here at All or Nothing immediately fell in love with his message. Angel's clothing line "Half Hart" definitely deserves all your support. So go check it out!

Overall, if you enjoy music from artists like Jack's Mannequin, you will definitely enjoy the amazing songs from Oh Weatherly. If you ever have the opportunity to catch these guys live in concert, I recommend you take it. Their live shows are always an experience to remember!


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