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New Video: Sage Charmaine "Around"

Photo by Matthew Flood

LA-based pop artist Sage Charmaine is proud to release the official video for " Around ", a track off of her debut album Don't Leave Me , out everywhere today!

"The song is about constantly feeling like you're being looked down upon because you don't have the same level of "clout" or huge "following" as others — which has nothing to do with experience or talent," says Sage. Written with producer Nick Lee, Sage wrote "Around" from a really authentic and vulnerable place, because it was truly what she was feeling at the time. And because of that, we wanted to the video to be authentic and real, which is why it was shot documentary style, with real friends.

"I take a lot of my personal aesthetic from visual artists who are very colorful: like 90's artist Lisa Frank, Oliver Hibert and Takashi Murakami — who use rainbows and bright colors in practically all their work," explains Sage. "I wanted to use my real friends in the video because I wanted it to be super authentic. I didn't see the need for "actors" when I have a whole group of friends who already cool as shit. I thought it would make the video even more fun to watch, realistic and relatable." 


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