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Keep up with Summer Cannibals on Tour!

Review by Harlen Cruz
Photo by Jason Quigley

Summer Cannibals is an indie-punk rock band from Portland, Oregon. Comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Jessica Boudreaux, bassist Ethan Butman, guitarist Cassandra Blum, and drummer Devon Shirley, Summer Cannibals share powerful messages of empowerment in their newest album “Can’t Tell Me No.” 

“Can’t Tell Me No” is Summer Cannibals’ first self-produced album, as well as the first album released through Tiny Engines. Their 4th album would also be recorded without former guitarist Marc Swart and former bassist Jenny Logan. Despite the major changes, Summer Cannibals put together another album that fans will jam out to and attract new listeners exploring indie-rock music.

This new album marks a great start for new band members guitarist Cassandra Blum and bassist Ethan Butman. “Behave,” “Like I Used To,” “Innocent Man” demonstrate a new approach in the sound of the guitars, and style compared to songs from previous albums, these songs make it clear that Summer Cannibals is not afraid to explore and experiment.

“Can’t Tell Me No” not only takes its listeners through a journey instrumentally, but lyrically as well.“Can’t Tell Me No” brings up many themes such as having the confidence to resist and challenge life’s craziness. Taking both the album and music video to a deeper level, the lyrics and visuals point out that Boudreaux is not holding back from calling out and separating herself from the things and people that have caused her trouble in the past, sharing that there is a new beginning. This album shares a powerful personal experience of breaking free, telling people who are trapped in bad relationships or stuck in bad places that they do have the ability to break free and overcome the challenges that stand in the way.

On the 17th of this month, Summer Cannibals will be coming to perform at Elsewhere - Zone One in Brooklyn! If you can’t make it to Brooklyn, check out their tour dates and find out if they will be performing near you. 

Listen to the Album on

Watch Summer Cannibals’ music video “Can’t Tell Me No”

(directed by Jonah Ray, Mystery Science Theatre + ft. Bill Oakley, The Simpsons writer/exec. producer)


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