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Interview: Yonaka

- Interview by Tatiana Whybrow
Photo by Rory Barnes

Is your new album, ‘Don’t Wait Til Tomorrow’ the Yonaka we’ve known throughout your earlier EP's, or does it have newer, more experimental style? I would say there was probably like one song per EP that is still with us and was part of the progression along the years. We are different now to when we begun because we were just wetting our feet and working out what we wanted to sound like and what message I wanted to convey. We play around with a lot more sounds and production plays a massive part when writing the songs now too. So it is definitely not the same sounding Yonaka that it was when we began because we didn't know what we were at that time.

The new album has more songs than we’ve seen on any of your previous releases. How has the writing and recording process on this album differed from previous work - if it has at all? We started writing the album in September and wrote all the material from then to January carrying along with us the 2 songs "Ignorance" which is now called "Awake" and "Fired up", so we wrote a total of nine songs. Then we recorded and produced the album ourselves in the month of January. We were working 16 hours a day everyday and it was hard work but it felt amazing when we would finish a song. It was a great feeling to know we had done all ourselves, there was no compromising to anybody else. We now have a longer piece of work that shows diversity in us.

When Bring Me The Horizon asked you to tour with them, what were you guys thinking? Was it expected to be asked on such a big tour? I mean we were in the studio at the time and I literally just screamed so hard and so long that I had to stop singing haha, so yeah it was exciting. Oli Sykes tweeted us a year ago and said how he loved a song of ours so I freaked out obviously and messaged him and said please take us on tour with you... then I kept hounding him and a year later we joined them on tour. It was such an incredible experience would do it again in a heartbeat.

You’re just wrapping up a headlining UK tour, as well as having a few in-store signings for the new album. Do you have any interesting stories from all this touring?  This has been the best headline tour we have ever done, the fans have been amazing and screaming their lungs out with me every night. I don't want it to end. Umm... Interesting I mean we went on a segway tour around Berlin that was pretty funny. 

Are there any venues or festivals you guys have been dreaming of playing since you started out? Or any bands you’d love to tour with in the future? I mean Glastonbury's a big one, there's loads of festivals, they are such a good vibe so I mean all of them. Would love to tour with Die Antwoord, Twenty One Pilots, Tyler The Creator, Marilyn Manson, I mean the list could go on forever

What would you say is your favorite song from the new album and why? You can each choose something different if you don’t agree!  Don't wait 'til tomorrow, creature and punchbag are my favorite, they are all very different from each other but I love them. Punchbag is a heavy fucker to empower everyone and stick up for yourself and never let anyone treat you badly. DWTT is for anyone struggling and going through a hard time it is a roller-coaster of emotions, and creature is just one of my favorite songs we have ever written ever discussing the dark side of love and love not being holding hands and kissing its going through shit and sticking by each other.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Please buy, download, stream the album share it with your friends and family and put it on repeat! x


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