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Interview & Photos: Triple Addiction

Interview & Photos by Jamary Bobe

Triple Addiction is a rock group from central New Jersey who blends a unique sound of classic rock, southern rock, and country into one new but familiar style of music. Triple Addiction combines catchy guitar riffs, vocal harmonies, and real down-to-earth lyrics to reach their audience. Their message is to spread positivity, fun, and good vibes to a world so saturated with negativity and anger. Their lyrics are real, their live show is full of fun and high energy, and they are looking to break into the rock and country market.

How long have you guys know each other?

Jon: Well Chris, Brandon, and I are triplets, so we've known each other forever, literally. We started playing together when we were around twelve. We got really hard-core into Nickleback when we were kids, which I know sounds ridiculous.

Why do people hate on Nickelback! I don't it!

Jon: I have no clue why! I don't understand why, I love Nickelback!

Brandon: Maybe it's because their Canadian?

Jon: But yeah, we've been playing since we were twelve, and we've known Dom since before we even started playing.

Dom: Yeah we met in fifth grade, when they moved right down the street.

Jon: We were playing once and Dom came to see us, eventually he started picking up on guitar.

Brandon: Years went by, we didn't see Dom all throughout high school. The crazy part was when we were younger and he came to see us that time, Jon and Dom were drawing and laying out "If we were in band together this is what the stage will look like", so it's kind of weird how everything came full circle. Like we weren't even serious about being in a band, we were just kids.

Dom: Two years ago if you were to tell us we would be in a band together, we'd all say there was no way! I'd be like what? Those guys are still alive?

Brandon: But like what Jon said, Dom started picking up guitar on his own, he started singing.

Jon: He would always say stuff like "If you guys ever need a guitar player, let me know" I would always be like alright buckaroo, slow it down.

Dom: They just assumed I was really bad!

Jon: Well when we were growing up, my brothers and I had already been playing shows, and opening up for people, playing bigger stages, so Dom asking us, we were just like uhhh okay, sure. Eventually Dom did an acoustic show at his church and after that the brothers and I talked and we were like okay we need that guy in the band. We had also written a song together before that.

Dom: Yeah, they knew I liked writing my pwn stuff, I liked singing, so they asked me to help them write a song.

Brandon: Yeah, that was his trial run. We'll use to write a song for us, and then we'll see what happens (laughs)

Jon: Off the record!

Dom: But that song that we wrote ended up being our favorite song on our album.

Jon: Another full circle moment!

So how long have you been a band?

Jon: With Dom, about a year and a half.

How did you come up with your band name? (Well know I figured it out)

Jon: Well we were sitting with our dad and uncle, we were just scrolling around, trying to come up with something, somehow triple addiction came up, so that's how that happened.

Brandon: We were trying to get into our sixth grade talent show, but we didn't have a name! We were trying to find something that fit the three brother theme. You know my dad always said having three brothers in a band is good marketing tool, what's something we can attach that to. There's The Jonas Brothers, you know that they're brothers. My dad was like how about Triplet Addiction, but my uncle suggested Triple Addiction so that seemed to fit better.

You recently released a single "American Heartbreak" can you tell us a little bit about it?

Jon: That song was the last song we wrote for the album, so i'ts kind of funny that it ended up being the first single and also the album title. We just wanted a song that people could relate to, we wanted a song that people could hear and be like that's my exact situation. Every-time we've gone through break-ups, it always feels the same.

Chris: We tried to take a sad topic and make it into somewhat of a bar anthem.

Brandon: We wanted to it make fun and enjoyable.

While writing your music, is it a collaborative process? or does one person write all they lyrics and someone else comes up with the instrumental?

Jon: It's kind of a mix. We all end up having final say on everything, in that sense we all have to be really happy with the song. It's not like Chris says this is my song and we're going to run with it and you guys have to just be part of it. But one of us will come up with something, a guitar riff, a set of lyrics, and we'll go from there.

What's your biggest aspiration as an artist?

Brandon: Probably just to see where this record goes. We had a self-titled EP come out like four years ago, and you can't find it anywhere, because we sort of reinvented ourselves and we wanted to disconnect from that time in our lives. Really we just want to see where this record goes, hopefully it can jump-start our career. Hopefully go on tour, opening up for artists. It's really not about the money for us, we really just want to make an impact on music, leaving a legacy that people can remember us by, and not just about our songs, but that we were also good people. Meeting fans is really important to us, meeting people who want to help us out, family is everything to us, so we want to treat our fans and our music like family.

What advice can you give to those starting a band?

Chris: Start it for the right reason! Also write and play what you feel, not what others want you to play.

Brandon: Definitely stay true to yourself. Being able to understand who you are as an artist and not letting people change that because that happens way too much in the music industry. Also working with good people is super important.

Jon: It's hard work, finding like minded people is hard but it should just be something that you go for.

Who would you like to tour with?

Jon: Anybody that would take us!

Okay well who would be like your dream tour lineup?

Jon: Nickelback! (all laughs) Well we take a lot of inspiration from people like Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Lynyrd Skynyrd would be cool. I mean we're also in the realm of playing songs that are spiritual and humbling. Like we're not sleazy people, we don't curse in our songs, bands like Switchfoot we've always looked up to.

Chris: That would actually be the perfect band to tour with.

Jon: Me and Dom like some hard-core Christian metal, so bands like that would also be cool.

What has been your most memorable show to date?

Dom: Probably the Stone Pony.

Jon: There's some funny stories behind the Stone Pony.

Brandonm: Well that day we opened up for Billy Currington, who's a country artist. That was Dom's second show with us.

Dom: Funny story, I did take some heat when it came to my attire that show.

Jon: It was a big show, so we all agreed to dress nice. Dom shows up and he's wearing joggers!

I can imagine the look on your face, like is he being serious?

Jon: The worse part is Dom is one of those people who joke around a lot and he's super sarcastic, so when I asked him if he was wearing the joggers, he responded "Ha, yeah I'm wearing the joggers" I assumed he was joking!

Chris: But now when we're actually serious and we're trying to get a point across we're always like "I'm jogger serious"

Dom: Since I joke around a lot when I say "I'm jogger serious" they now I'm really serious.

What does the rest of 2019 look like for the band?

Brandon: Just to play as many shows as possible!

Dom: Promote the album as much as we can!

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