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Interview & Photos: The Whelming Waters

Interview & Photos by Christian West

When did you all meet?

Collin: Most of us met in high school Mid 2000's. We all went to school together in some facet or another Norwin high school, and some of us are older and younger but thats kinda where we all connected.

What did you guys start playing shows together?

Collin: Jereme you’re the historian.

Jereme: So last summer in June was like the first time we really played out together so we’ve been playing for about a year and a half now. But before that we had been practicing for a sold two years, umm preparing for that first gig.

When did you start working on recording music?

Collin: We did two singles umm, was it December of last year?

John: December of 18 we did the two singles and we did the EP before that.

Collin: Yeah we did a ruff EP years ago and we just decided to rehash the old six songs and we’re doing a full length LP that we started in December and did a couple singles. And then we just finished up all the tracking like a month ago

What was your inspiration behind your last project?

Collin: The inspiration, that’s a good question.

Jereme: Well they are the songs that you’ve had…

Collin: For years, yeah. Well our original EP was a bit more of folkier songs, which me, John, and Nina, started out the band as like a folk trio. Me on guitar, John was on mandolin, and Nina was on Violin, and then I started writing all these songs that weren’t folk and John was like “what the hell. I guess I have to buy a drum set.” And Nina got on bass. We figured they both had four strings and then Jereme and Kelcie I’m related to them we are all musicians and we joined up. So then we got horns and everything.

Jereme: Yeah then I brought Andy so we had two saxophonists. So the style has changed… A lot.

So you're working on a new project?

Collin: We are, it's a full length LP which I wish I had a definite release date, but we are waiting on some things to pan out. It’s probably gonna be next summer or hopefully spring. But we are obviously going to update everything on our social media’s. And I think it’s what twelve songs?

Jereme: Well we have those two singles that are out already so “Beautiful Lucy” and “Whiskey Song” we have those out on all platforms, you can check those out already.

I was going to ask about those. They are off the new album?

Collin: Yeah, absolutely.

What are some of the differences and similarities between your last demo/EP and this new LP?

John: Definitely more upbeat. Yeah the last demo kinda didn’t really have distortion, everything was kinda slow, kinda soft umm so we...

Collin: We pick like our six quietest songs for the demo for what ever reason. This new LP is like a great mixture of the folk and country style music we do and then the heavy fun rock and roll, so it has a little something for everybody on it. And it won’t put you to sleep.

Why should people listen to you guys?

Kelcie: Umm we are different, we have a different style.

John: The sound is different, thats a good thing. I don’t know about you (Collin) but any time anyone asks about our genre or anything, I’m always just like..

Collin: Hard to diffine?

John: Yeah, I don’t know. It’s really hard to define.

Collin: We’re not worried about sticking to genre. So no matter who listens to it I feel conferrable that… Well there is no metal in there because we can’t play it but

John: You rap tho right?

Collin: No rap. It’s just all sorts of different genres there is something for everybody, something everyone will like so.

Nina: We have a lot of fun no matter what genre we’re playing we always like change the tone to be ourselves and we write different parts for different things and we do a lot of stuff together that just makes us, us.

Jereme: And I think what makes our songs stand out is just that they are memorable and you can actually discern the lyrics and they can be catchy, and you could leave a show and actually have one of the songs stuck in your head.


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