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Interview & Photos: Slow Caves

Interview by Amanda Flynn
Photos by Jamary Bobe

Meet Slow Caves, the indie rock trio from Colorado. They are making major noise in the underground music scene. Comprised of David Dugan and brothers, Oliver and Jakob Mueller, the three have been together since their childhood years. The band recently released their debut album titled, Falling, in March of 2019. Inspired by the nostalgic 90's, this record has it all with tracks full of interesting hooks and chords to mesmerizing lyrics. I was graciously able to interview the band about new music, performing on tour, and how they work their magic in the studio.

How did the band first form and how did you get to where you are today?

This band was formed out of a lifelong friendship. David and Oliver met in the 4th grade and have been playing music with each other off and on ever since. Jakob and Oliver are brothers so you could say they’ve known each other for a while too. When Jakob was getting out of high school, we started Slow Caves as an effort to have a band that was a little more serious than your average high school group. Since then it’s been our main focus. We work pretty hard and are on tour a lot. We enjoy the grind.

How would you describe your music to first time listeners?

Our music is thought through to the point where the chords and melodies are interesting, yet still accessible. During the making of the record we were influenced by a lot of 90's bands from the States and the UK. Shoe-gaze, Brit-pop, and Power-pop. We are obsessed with hooks, texture, and composition.

What was the process like to create Falling?

It was extremely intense. We tracked the record in seven days and it was mixed in three – all in Austin, TX. Frenchie even let us sleep on his floor so we could be working on the record 24/7 for ten days straight. We loved every moment of it and are super proud of it.

Were there any differences in the production of your EP, Desert Minded and your debut album, Falling? Have your techniques in the studio changed since the release of the EP?

Before “Falling,” we did a lot of recording on our own. This allowed for a lot of self editing and nit-picking. Especially when it came to vocals. When we did “Desert Minded,” we worked with Corey Coffman (of Gleemer) as both a recording and mixing engineer, which was an incredible experience. We tracked and tuned the vocals ourselves, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. This record marked the first time we worked with a producer. Chris “Frenchie” Smith is a legendary guitar player/producer/engineer who has made some very good records. The production was totally different on this record because it was all done out of the box –using outboard gear exclusively– and the drums and bass were done live. We had to commit to the sound of the recording very early on in the process. Also the vocals weren’t tuned at all, so this record is extremely true to who we are as a live band.

Were the any nerves to release Falling?

Certainly. You can only put out your debut record once. That’s why we waited five years to make it. We wanted to work with the perfect producer and have songs that felt like they were true to us.

How has it been to perform your new album live on tour?

Wonderful! Some of the songs were written on the road and some were written in the studio. Even after having sat on the record for a year, all the songs still feel very fresh. Also, people seem to be enjoying them which is always nice.

What do you like to do on your free time when you aren't performing and making music?

Self-care! We all do our best to stay healthy while we’re touring, but it’s pretty difficult to exercise and eat clean consistently. We create various forms of art, school, and spend valuable time with our family and friends. But most of our time off tour is spent thinking about and working on band related projects/rehearsals.

Listen to Falling, the debut album by Slow Caves on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms.


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