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Interview & Photos: Sage Charmaine

Interview & Photos by Matthew Flood

How has tour with Hey Violet been like? SC: Tour with Hey Violet has been really fun, I think it’s a good match for me because we have similar music styles and style in general, so far the response has been really good from fans and everything, and the show meshes well together. And it’s great being on tour with serious musicians that are passionate about what they do.

Any favorite places you’ve been to on tour? SC: I went on a tour with Bhad Bhabie in Canada and those venues were really cool. Montreal because it was really french and grand. I always love to come to the east coast, and right now I’m definitely in my favorite place to travel to, I love being in New York.

How do you like to spend your down time on tour? SC: My down time on tour is pretty fun, it’s very different from my downtime at home I would say. On tour I’m usually always with Kat, my best friend/personal assistant; Angie my manager; and Ben, the guy who performs on stage with me. We’re all like a little family, a little tour family. So when I’m not performing, I’m spending time with my tour family. We spend a lot of quality time together which I think is important because, not only are we a great team but we’re really close as friends, so it’s fun. I don’t get to see them otherwise cause we all have our own things, so it’s nice to go on tour with them. I think of Angie and Ben as my two other parents and Kats my sister so we all just spend time together. We’ll party, eat, chill and it’s a lot of fun.

What’s your favorite part about performing? SC: I like the whole performance aspect part of it. I like to let myself go, like if I’m mad about something, and I have aggressive songs I can put all that feeling into that and let it all out. Music and performing is very therapeutic for me as well. I like performing basically because I can reflect my emotions and act on them and fully engulf myself in my feelings.

What’s your favorite song to perform live? SC: My favorite song of my own to perform live is probably right now “Don’t leave me” or “Around”. I like "Don’t leave me" because that is my featured song off my new EP, I named my EP that because I like the song the best, also I worked really hard on that song so it’s something I’m really proud of, so I like getting to perform it and watch everyone’s reactions, especially if it’s positive. If I’m performing a cover, which I don’t do often, then I like to sing "Heart of Glass" by Blondie or "Desire, the Gryffin Remix" by Years & Years.

Do you have any new projects coming up? SC: I’ve been working on a lot on new music, and I’m gonna be working some more as soon as I get home from this tour. I’m not too sure when it’s gonna turn out, as of right now it’s probably gonna end up being another EP/album sort of situation or like a triple single we’ll end up seeing what it is. It’s gonna be more lenient towards Lo-fi, RNB vibes rather than indie/alt/pop punk vibes.

Do you have a dream venue to perform in? SC: I would love to perform at The Forum, but that’ll be a while from now, but hopefully not too long. The Staples Center, any huge venue would honestly be really cool. I would love to perform at a festival, something like Coachella, Lighting in a Bottle, EDC or something crazy and lit and just insane- something cool, outside with a ton of space for people.

What are your top 3 artists you’d want to go on tour with? SC: Going on tour with Bhad Bhabie was really fun, besides that I’d want to go on tour with a bunch of people. My Chemical Romance is my all time favorite band, if they ever did anything where they got back together I would love to hop on that shit. Trippie Redd, Denzel Curry- I like rap a lot but I would say that probably wouldn’t fit if i went on tour with a rapper most likely. When it comes to indie music, I have a lot of ideal people I'd be interested in going with. TV Girl would be cool to tour with, Boy Pablo is good, going on tour with Tame Impala would be awesome. The band Years & Years would be pretty cool too.

What’s the last song you listened to on your phone? SC: The last one I remember listening to was Toxic by Britney Spears, and the one before that, was Press by Cardi B.


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