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Interview & Photos: Heavenly Faded

Interview & Photos by Jamary Bobe

Heavenly Faded are a 4-piece indie-rock band from New York City. Rising from the shallow depths of suburban and pedestrian bliss, four complete strangers joined forces and formed a band – that band is Heavenly Faded. Their music is a mix of harmonious melodies cascading in a swirl of reverb-drenched electric guitars and a thunderous rhythm section. If Arctic Monkeys and Cocteau Twins got into a knife fight with Radiohead and The Strokes – the outcome would be Heavenly Faded. We sat down with the guys, Luis, Stanley, Rijk, and Danny, and talked all things music, aspirations, and band pranks!

Where did your band name come from?

Stanley: So we were thinking of a couple of band names but really couldn’t decide on one. Until one day I was listening to this guy Yelawolf, so he has this line in one of his songs that goes “Heavily Faded” but for some reason I thought he was saying “Heavenly Faded” and it sounded cool, and I brought the idea up to the guys, and they were all into it.

Rijk: However a couple of people I’ve talked to think we’re like Christian rock band, during our first show one person thought we were called “Heavenly Fated” so we always clarify on stage we are “Heavenly Faded” with a D.

You recently released a new song “One Thing”, what was the inspiration behind it?

Luis: So like I have anxiety sometimes and I have a lot of shit going on in my mind, I was just thinking one day I need to do one thing at a time, and I was like woah, and it inspired me and that’s basically where it came from.

What bands did you guys listen to growing up?

Stanley: Metallica & Red Hot Chilli Peppers!

Luis: The Strokes, I'm very inspired by them.

Danny: It was strictly Weird Al for me.

Rijk: Definitely The White Stripes

If you can choose a celebrity or cartoon character to describe your band who would it be?

Danny: Homer Simpson!

Luis: Speedy Gonzalez or that weird clown from Metalocalypse!

Stanley: I think our band can be described as Dynamic Gonzalez!

Luis: That's not even a character! You know what Stanley is our character.

Any artists you would like to go on tour with?

Luis: I would say Royal Blood.

Luis & Stanley: Queens of the Stone Age baby!

Luis: Or like Reignwolf, he's pretty awesome!

Do you guys pull prank on each other?

Luis: I guess so.....

Danny: I mean we have this on-going joke. Last summer I went to like five weddings and I kept on having to miss shows because I has a wedding. So it seems like that's everyone's excuse now.

Luis: Every time I try to book a show for us, I make sure if anybody has a "wedding".

Do you guys have any other hobbies besides music?

Stanley: I like the outdoors, exploring nature is always fun,

Danny: I actually play hockey on the weekends.

Luis: I draw and I write, I do a lot of artsy stuff. I also enjoy reading books.

Rijk: I mean I'm a web developer during the day and a rock-star at night!

What's the last song you listened to on your phone?

Danny: Eat it by Weird Al

Stanley: Change by the Revivalists

Luis: I was listening to the new Tyler the Creator album

Rijk: I was listening to the new song by The Raconteurs


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