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Interview & Photos: Eternal Frequency

Interview & Photos by Rebecca Mae

Eternal Frequency is an emerging rock band from Central PA, ambitious and working as hard as they can. I got to talk to them about their inspirations, future goals, and more.

Hey! How are you?

Emelle - Hi Rebecca! Very good! How are you? Thanks for featuring us in All or Nothing Magazine!

Eternal Frequency is a recent creation. Can you tell us the story behind how it happened?

Emelle- I started doing musical theater when I was five. Believe it or not, but rock music has always been a huge influence and being the lead singer of a band has always been a major goal of mine. EF came about in May of 2018 when I was looking to start up a rock band and turned to Facebook to find members, then I met up and started writing and recording demos with our ex guitarist Pat. Along the way AJ joined the band because of a demo that peaked his interest and just like that, everything began falling into place and the rest is history. There's nothing more fulfilling than creating your own music and having it impact people for the better. We have the best jobs in the entire world.

Do you experiment with your sound and style? If so, what inspires your musical choices?

Emelle- We are always trying to keep things fresh and innovative. We experiment with the hard rock/pop/ metal crossover. When people ask what style we are I always tell them it's a mix between Halestorm and Paramore. That's the best way to describe it.

AJ- Eternal Frequency does experiment with different sounds. We record our own demo's at home before going to the studio. Some of our musical influences are Halestorm, Motionless in White, New Years Day, Halsey and many others.

What are you working on currently?

Emelle- We are currently writing and recording new material for the studio, as well as coming up with more merch and new video ideas. New EF stuff is coming soon! We are very excited for everyone to witness and enjoy what we have been working so hard on!

AJ - Currently we are working on making more demo's and also building up our social media following.

Emelle, what would you say are some of your biggest musical and vocal inspirations and why?

Emelle- That’s easy. I would say Stevie Nicks and Freddie Mercury are my two greatest musical and vocal inspirations. They have such a rawness and realness to them. They write with so much honesty and are storytellers. They captivate you with every new song and their lyrics truly resonate with every new generation.

Eternal Frequency has some amazing artwork. What is the inspiration behind those covers, and who creates them?

Emelle- Our producer Carson Slovak actually created the artwork for all of our singles and our EP "Transcendence". We wanted to use a lot of colors and do things very non traditionally. Our producer actually came up with all of the cool abstract artwork you see. As far as the artwork for "Feel This Way" and "Fire", those are a little more straightforward. Carson did such an amazing job and he will be doing the artwork for more future releases, that's for sure!

What have you found to be the most unique about the Harrisburg/Lancaster music scene?

Emelle- Everyone is so incredibly supportive of each other. We are very fortunate to be apart of a scene that is so incredibly family like. That's what makes it unique. That's what makes it strong. Jealousy is not a factor in this scene. Everyone shares a common goal and roots for each other along the way. The Harrisburg/ Lancaster music scene is a very healthy, thriving scene

AJ - The most unique thing about the Harrisburg/Lancaster area is the loyalty of the fan base.

What is the most important message behind your music?

Emelle- The most important message that I want to resonate with fans is to know your worth and believe in yourself. Never let anyone or anything get to you, to rise above all of the b.s. thrown at you. Hard times never last and you will overcome and find the strength to take back your life.

AJ- Eternal Frequency's main message is to never give up hope even when it feels that all hope is lost. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Where do you hope to be within the next few years?

Emelle- In the next few years Eternal Frequency will be going on as strong as ever. Hopefully some big national tours, more studio albums. Just being bigger and better than ever before. We will never stop and we will never give up. We want our music to impact people and make our mark on the world.

AJ- Just like many young bands, our hope in the next few years is to stabilize our business and see it become self sufficient. We would like to be on the road touring.

Where can we catch an Eternal Frequency show?

Emelle- You can find all of our upcoming shows on our Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram pages. We update those daily. Our next show will be at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA December 6th.


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