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Interview & Photos: Biddle

Interview & Photos by Josie Wheel

Biddle is 15, from Tunbridge Wells, England and is an emerging artist who has been releasing her original songs on her youtube and spotify!

Hey! How are you feeling about the gig tonight?

B – I am SO excited and I never expected it to actually have a turn out where people would pay and come along.

What is the meaning behind Biddle and why don’t you go as Molly Paige?

There are a lot of musicians called Molly and Biddle was my nickname when I was growing up and has always been my name at home which is why I’ve kept it as Biddle!

When did you first start playing music and what started this?

My family is very musical, and I played clarinet in Year 5/6 (10-11) and then began playing ukulele and writing my own music from this in January 2018. I bought the ukulele out of excess Christmas money and just took it from there.

Who is your biggest inspirations in the music scene?

Chloe Moriondo as she is my style of music. She always has been my inspiration as she is a ukulele artist who writes incredibly good music and I feel like the ukulele can be taken quite novelty and she proved it is serious and I aspire to be like that.

Over the past few years, you’ve supported/played with various artists. Who has been your favorite artist to play with?

Chloe Moriondo haha. She has been a massive inspiration so even meeting her was crazy let alone hanging out for two days and playing as the support at her London show.

What is your song writing process? Do you have a specific area where you write or do ideas appear at any time?

My process literally changes every time but usually, I’m built up with emotions and its either happy emotions or something which is overwhelming me in a bad way. From this, I will find chords and just play chords with random lyrics until I can create a pattern. I write in my bedroom most of the time; I don’t actually think I’ve ever written anywhere else! I once wrote at my cousin’s house when we did a Collab but always my bedroom otherwise!

Out of all of your originals you have released, which is your favorite?

Ooo, Aftershave and Cigarette is strongly one of my favourites because of the meaning and the reaction that I got when it was released so it will always be the top. Out of my new songs, I like Contagious Happiness a lot which would probably also be one of them! OH! And also, I’ve Forgotten How To Smile. But they’re both unreleased.

Can we expect any new singles, an Ep or an album soon?

Next year, I’m hoping to go into a studio and record my first well produced EP that isn’t just over my phone so hopefully that. But I haven’t gone completely into the process yet so I can’t say for sure.

A song which you wish you had written?

Ooo , that’s a really good question! Probably Fall For You by Goodluck Finding Iris

Goodluck with your gig tonight, I’m looking forward to hearing your new songs!

Thank you so much, I’m starting to get nervous haha


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