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Interview & Photos: Ariel

Interview & Photos by Jamary Bobe

How did your love for music start?

My dad used to be a musician when I was growing up, he was guitarist for a band, and he was always on tour, so I grew up surrounded by all of that. Music has always been a part of me.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Nevershoutnever! For sure! My writing and sound is similar to his, so I can relate to him a lot. Also some huge influences are Lights and Juliet Simms, they’re inspiring female role models!

What’s your favorite instrument to play and why?

I would have to go with the ukulele, it’s just super fun and everything sounds cute. Like I can talk a lot of shit playing the ukulele and it just sounds cute and adorable.

You’re very adventurous and love to travel, what’s your favorite place you have visited?

I just did this hike called the Camino de Santiago, it’s not really once place because you’re constantly on the move, every day I was sleeping in a different place, I was meeting new people, it was amazing. Thirty seven days of hiking, nearly 500 miles, but it was a lot but totally worth it.

What artists do you relate to most lyrically and instrumentally?

Again, Nevershoutnever. I started playing the ukulele because of him. Ten years ago, I bought a ukulele and taught myself how to play it.

Was it hard to understand his music? Since it was in English and your primary language is Portuguese?

I learned English listening to music and watching TV shows. In the beginning I would sing his songs and have no clue what they meant, but with time I eventually learned the language and now I’m making songs in English!

Are there any new things you would like to try and incorporate into your music?

I would like to try beats, like DJ beats, or even a band. I’m an acoustic singer, so when I perform its only with my guitar or ukulele, so that would be something different for me, and I wouldn’t mind trying it.

Where do you see yourself a year from now? And where do you see yourself five years from now?

A year from now I would like to already be living in LA, I feel like that’s the place to be as an artist. I see myself having released by new EP. Five years from now I would love to be touring, it’s been my dream since as long as I could remember.

So if you could open up for anybody who would it be?

I’d love to go on tour with Tessa Violet or Dodie Clark, and Girl in Red. You know girl power!


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