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Interview & Photos: Alone I Walk

Interview & Photos by Keira Zhou

You guys are from Canada, how’s NY so far? Have you gotten the chance to explore a bit?

AIW: It’s crazy here. There are so many people here, so much traffic, and so many buildings. But I love it. We haven’t really explored it much. Last time when we were here, we were able to check out Manhattan (They are in Brooklyn for the show). That was really cool! Yea! I don’t know how you guys get around here (laugh…).

You recently released a single “Green to Grey” and there’s also an EP on the way. Could you tell us more about the EP and the single?

AIW: So yea we have a new EP coming out on Sept 13th. There’s gonna be 4 songs on it. The last single comes out on the 13th. That’s when you’ll have the whole album. And song “Green to Grey” was written about coming home from tour and being like getting stuck in the slump after like, you know live a lot when you are on the road. And then it just, it’s metaphorical, in the sense that it’s easy to be happy and have greens around you and it’s also easy to have storm clouds and bring greys all around you. It’s very mental; it’s talking about how we are getting stale or something. It all ties into mental health somehow, and how it affects us every day.

How’s the writing process look like for you guys? Do you guys come up with melody first, lyric first?

AIW: It all depends. Some songs we’ll have just the drums and we’ll figure out the guitar melody to play. And sometimes we have lyrics and we know that there’s a specific melody that we want through guitar that follow the lyrics. So it depends for every song. It’s never the same.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

AIW: We are big into classic rock music and modern music. The big one for us is always the Eagles as well as Tom Petty, also Nirvana. We just love music as a whole and try to draw influence from everywhere.


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