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Interview: Nathan Day

Interview by Jerbria Baker

Photo by Amber Day

Hello Nathan Day! It has been an honor to listen deeply and provide a dedicated interview towards your creative and unique EP, "We Came in Pieces." The questions for you are as follows:

My first question for you is: Who would you say would be your target listeners? When you decide to create such unique pieces, pun intended, who are you thinking of listening to or hoping to hear?

Hello! Thanks for doing this interview with me. I think my target audience is just literally anyone who hears it. I like the idea of anyone hearing it. Because music means so many different things to different people, that if anyone connects and is into it, and looks into it more - they’ll find a whole Lord Of The Rings backstory behind it.

My second question is: When it came to finding the right sound for this EP, were the choices made based on how you may have been feeling while making these tracks or how it may have connected perfectly towards the lyrics?

I knew that I just wanted to strum the guitar and build it around that. So that they could all exist as standalone songs with an acoustic guitar for example. Because to me that captured where I was at. I wanted to be able to play the songs anywhere, and I mean like in the kitchen or in a different town. And theoretically I could hitch hike with an electric guitar and a buckle-belt battery powered amp and still play them. That was like a focus point in my head.

And so from there I built synths and sounds around that which just allude to the mood more. Which was like putting make-up on all the songs one by one.

My third question is: Regarding the "imaginary friends" you have created to bring exceptional understanding towards a certain point in your mental health journey, what advice would you give to others trying to understand their mental health standing? Would you consider others to break down stages of what they are going through the way you have done within your EP?

I think a good move is to eradicate one thing at a time and see how it affects you. There was about 10 different things I entirely deleted from my life one at a time to try and understand why I was feeling a certain way, and when you get rid of something for a month and the feelings are still there, you can kind of assume it wasn’t that causing them, and move onto deleting something else until you find out what it is.

And it can be anything from a person, to an app, to a habit. Like we’re super primal still. We’re basically animals with primal instinct and yet extremely advanced social eco-systems bombard us every single day with ideas of perfection. That’s so much to take on for an animal.

It’s so so easy to be overwhelmed and not even know where to start. But if you address one thing at a time and keep going through that process, you might understand better and feel better.

My fourth question is: What have you learned throughout making "We come in Pieces"? Has it encouraged you, even more to move forward with your musical career creating more immersive music like this EP?

What I love so much is that once you see something in front of you that used to only exist in your head, something re-calibrates in your brain and you realise you CAN make things happen. And you can decide to apply that to other things if you want.

It’s definitely made me want to go more extreme. It’s the most satisfying feeling possibly of all time, when it existed in your head and now you’re seeing it in front of you. And the closer that it is to how you saw it, the more satisfying.

There was a LOT I couldn’t do. I was on the phone to several councils and authorities and couldn’t get permission to do certain things so I had to adjust around them.

Last but not least, my fifth question is: What is one artist and or genre you wish to experiment with in upcoming songs and albums in the future?

After hearing Plastic Hearts, I wanna do a song with Miley Cyrus because her voice is a diamond beast and we will go on turbo mode.

Thank you so much, Nathan Day, for giving me this excellent cosmic opportunity! Hope to hear much more from you again!

Thank YOU for this gorgeous interview. Have a nice day and hopefully we will do it again


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