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Interview: Maisie Peters

Interview by Rebecca Mae

Hi Maisie, welcome to All Or Nothing! How are you? I’m good thank you, how are u!? I’m sat on my sofa drinking coffee and apple juice and wondering whether it’s too cold to go for a walk, so it’s a pretty nice Saturday I would say. Have you been keeping busy during the past year? Hmmm, a multitude of ways. I’ve been writing a lot, especially on my own, and I’ve been talking a lot, to friends and family, artists, and fans all across the world. Tiktok and Pinterest have become my favourite places other than my bedroom, and I watched all of ‘Succession’ in a week. I think that’s the majority of my year. You have been noticed by artists like Taylor Swift and Lewis Capaldi, not to mention you were set to tour with Niall Horan and released a song with JP Saxe. Can you remember the moment you knew that your dreams were becoming a reality? Oh god that’s a big question ok, maybe when I did my first tour. It was tiny and we played to maybe 10 people in most of the places, but the fact that even 10 people were showing up was insane to me, like that’s a lot of people who are enough to make you their plan for an evening. Has the pandemic affected your creative processes? If so, how? It’s made me much more self-sufficient creatively as I now spend a lot of time writing on my own. It’s also made me much more of a night owl, which is a curse as much as a blessing as now I feel like my best work comes at 2:00am and no earlier. What is the most important thing you learned about yourself this year as a writer and musician? That I really do make music because I love it, because when everything else was stripped away and it was only me listening, I was still waking up every morning and writing songs in my bedroom. I think it’s pretty cool, I’ve been doing that for 8 years maybe, and I still think it’s the best most fun most absorbing way to spend my time. And it’s not like I didn’t know that before, but I think it really hit home for me just how much music is actually the foundation of my entire identity, which comes with its hilarious debatable baggage, but is also just pretty cool I think. Who would be your dream collaboration and why? Taylor Swift! or Brandon Flowers! or First Aid Kit! or Bruce Springsteen! You began a book club back in April! What was the inspiration/motivation behind that? Is reading and literature something you are passionate about? That was actually something a fan suggested, but then I thought it was such a good idea that I decided to make it a whole new segment of my space of the internet! I love reading and literature and have found it’s this lovely little corner of the online world where everyone is so passionate and engaged and friendly and warm and wonderful, and it’s really nice for me to talk about something other than myself if that makes sense! What have been your favorite releases from this year? Of my own, I would say ‘The List’ was a real moment for me. Of other people’s, I loved Phoebe Bridger’s new album ‘Punisher,’ and Noah Kahan’s EP ‘Cape Elizabeth,’ and also like a million other things that I can’t think of right now! If you could headline a festival (assuming there isn’t a global pandemic) with 3 other artists, who would they be and why? Glastonbury obviously, as an English person you’d have to be insane to say otherwise. Then I would have Coldplay because Chris Martin duh, Rex Orange County because I love his live set, and The Lumineers because I want to sing “Cleopatra” live with them. What is a goal that you have achieved in music, but still doesn’t feel real? Playing Shepherd’s Bush and selling out 2000 tickets! Madness! What! I did that! Anything we can expect soon from you? I have a couple ideas on the horizon so I will keep you posted, but I guess you should keep an eye on my social media for more info hehe.


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