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Interview: Mackenzie Day

Interview by Musically United

Emerging alt-pop singer-songwriter Mackenzie Day is a fearless, note-worthy icon who delivers transparent songwriting and bold, compelling vocals. She uses songwriting as her own personal journal, and is not afraid to discuss difficult topics, such as toxic relationships. Her latest release ‘Stuck In The Wrong Movie’ tells the story of breaking free from the shackles of a toxic relationship, and realizing the power and strength she had within herself the whole time. She hopes listeners will in turn be empowered, and know they are not alone in a thought, feeling, or situation. The track features cinematic strings accompanied by Mackenzie’s flawless vocals, which creates an uncanny vibe and showcases her new indie/alternative sound.

Releasing ‘Stuck In The Wrong Movie’ has been monumental for Mackenzie in more ways than one. The single perfectly represents the direction of music she has always wanted to pursue. “This is the first song that really feels like more of an authentic representation of me as an artist,” shares Mackenzie. The support received for ‘Stuck In The Wrong Movie’ has been more than Mackenzie has hoped for, and she is looking forward to releasing more tracks with a similar sound on her upcoming EP. Mackenzie has been diligently working on her next project, and it is the most personal and individualized work she has crafted thus far. She has further developed a personal vision for her music to make it more her own. “For the first time ever, I am trying to incorporate different parts of myself within my art,” Mackenzie adds.

Mackenzie has started to pull more inspiration from genres she grew up listening to, and incorporate different elements into the music she creates. “I grew up with Green Day and Foo Fighters, and those [artists] are always a part of me,” says Mackenzie. She was quick to name Amy Winehouse, Maggie Rogers, Leon Bridges, and Queen as a few other musical influences. She has fused rock, indie, pop, and R&B together to develop her unique sound. Mackenzie considers herself to be a genre-defying artist, and enjoys stepping outside her comfort zone to explore different styles of music rather than limiting herself to one genre. Aside from her upbringing, Mackenzie is inspired daily by her friend circle and peers at Berklee College of Music. Mackenzie strives to incorporate other artists’ gifts within her own through live instrumentation. She sent ‘Stuck In The Wrong Movie’ with only piano to her friend, Noah Leong, and he created an entire string arrangement. Being able to give creative freedom to other artists and producers has been a main focus of Mackenzie’s, especially with her new record.

In the future, Mackenzie would be honored to collaborate with artists such as Miley Cyrus, Maggie Rogers, Alicia Keys, and Julia Michaels. She admires them all in countless ways, and being able to learn and grow as a creative under their guidance would be a dream. Mackenzie is eager to tour one day and perform at sensational venues, such as TD Garden in Boston, MA. Last year, she had a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to sing back-up vocals for The Eagles at TD Garden along with a few other Berklee students. This particular experience left a remarkable imprint on Mackenzie’s life, and she is determined to perform at TD Garden herself one day. Performing at the same festivals as her idols, such as Lollapalooza and Coachella, would be another full circle moment for Mackenzie. Until then, Mackenzie is looking forward to creating more music and performing. She is hoping to gain more of a following to further her career, which will allow her to continue to do what she loves most. Mackenzie is a force to be reckoned with, and her killer music style and genuine, expressive lyrics will have you stuck for a good while.


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