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Interview: Janet Devlin

Interview by Jerbria Baker

Photo by Emma Jane Lewis

How did you come up with the title of your album, “It’s Not That Deep”? And why was it something you thought would go with the mood of the tracks?

The phrase was being used constantly during the early days of putting the EP together. Mainly because I wanted the EP to not be as deep like the last record. For all the whys and hows the answer remained the same - “it’s not that deep”. So it named itself really! The title has less to do with the mood of the tracks and more to do with why the tracks were chosen.

When it came to your cover of “Your Song,” what was it like to re-work this cover? What were some of the emotions and thought processing you went through when going back to your X-factor debut?

Honestly it was pretty scary to go back and rework the cover. When something went down so well the first time, it’s terrifying to try and revisit it. But the minute I stopped wanting things to be perfect and just wanted to enjoy the process, everything changed for the better. I was finally able to just let my hair down and enjoy it! I think the main mood of the process was gratitude. I was grateful I chose that song all those years ago, grateful to still be in the music industry and grateful at the fact I was in the position to record it.

What’s one of the most essential aspects of your creative process? Learned anything new along the way? Would you be willing to experiment with different techniques?

My creative process varied a lot during the recording and writing of this EP. Mainly down to the fact I couldn’t do any in-person writing sessions - it all had to be done over Zoom. So the writing/editing process took much longer than normal. Even though it worked I would still say being in the room is an essential part of my creative process. But thankfully I did learn how to! I think moving forward I would definitely still choose being in the room over working remotely.

How would you describe this EP concept? And how it can relate to where you were in life when you decided to make this EP?

Honestly the concept is exactly what it says on the tin - it definitely reflects where I was at the time of putting it all together. I was so over getting bogged down in the details and just wanted to have a bit of fun with it all. I was trying to do the same with life at the time - just having a bit of fun. This did lead to multiple different hair colors and quite a pink wardrobe haha. When it came to questions like “but why this song?” the answer was always the same “it’s not that deep, I just like it” or something to that avail. When the world was getting heavy with all things Covid, I just wanted to enjoy being creative and doing whatever I wanted with this EP.

How can you describe the growth you have endured, from rising in the music industry to finding yourself along the way? Any setbacks?

I’ve definitely grown a lot in the last 10 years of being in the music industry. My original misconception was that to create art we must suffer; that the best art comes from pain. But luckily I’ve learned that this is not true. You can make art and be happy. You can even make sad, depressing art and be happy too! I would have to say my greatest setback in the industry was probably myself. I got stuck in a cycle of self-destruction and wouldn’t step out of my own way. Luckily now through lots of work I’ve managed to stop that and I try my best daily to step out of the way.

What would you want people to know when conveying a message to your older fans and newer ones? Regarding listening to this new EP and this version of Janet Devlin?

I would probably just want them to know how much of a joy it was to create the EP. I want them to know that it was a blast to make and I had a great time doing it! I got a bit of feedback after the last record about fans just wanting me to have a bit of fun again so I definitely took that on board on this one and I hope it shows. I’d also want them to know how grateful I am for the opportunity to do so. That if it weren’t for them, none of this would be possible at all. I just hope they know how much they mean to me.


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