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Interview: HAAS

- Interview by Madelyn Barba
Photo by Kyla Jeanette

Where did your band/stage name originate from? HAAS hails from Virginia about 30 mins west of Washington DC. What was the inspiration behind your newest EP “Love and Loss? Over the past few years I have experienced many life lessons. It took me a long to cope with all of it and I was finally able to put my thoughts/feelings down on paper; out came the EP “Love & Loss”

What’s your favorite song from the EP? You guys are killing me with this question! It’s like picking a favorite child. I believe that my favorite song on the EP is “Home.” It was the initial inspiration behind the EP and will always have a special place in my heart. How would you describe your particular genre of music? I really don’t like to limit myself to any particular genre because I take a lot of influence from many different genre & I love to play around with sounds while writing. This EP is a pop/rock record because it felt the most fitting. I was sad, heartbroken and angry when writing and the pop/rock genre felt the most me at the time. What made you want to get into music? My father’s side of the family are all incredibly talented musicians so I grew up around them singing all the time. I really think it stemmed from there. My grandfather was a huge inspiration of mine. He was constantly singing and it was always amazing. Once I wrote my first song it was game over. This is what I wanted to do. If you could tour with one band what band would it be? There are so so so many amazing bands out there. I will give you my top three. The Eagles, Panic! At the Disco & Bring Me The Horizon. Such tough choices. I’d love to tour with anyone of my favorite artist though! Can we expect a tour or some shows soon? Touring is in the future hopefully, but right now we are focusing on releasing some new music this year & maybe in 2020 there can be a tour! Playing live is one of the best parts of music


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