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Interview: Ethan Jewell

Interview by Musically United

Ethan Jewell is an awe-inspiring word artist and poet who has captured the hearts and minds of many across social media and music platforms. He is known for his powerful, emotion-wrenching work focused on the struggles of mental health and expressing the importance of “feeling your feelings”. Jewell’s newest single ‘Something To Live For’ was released on August 20th, and is a part of his highly-anticipated third body of work that is in its final stages. Jewell decided to go in another direction with this track and discuss viewing the world through a more optimistic, positive lens. When asked what sparked the idea of this track, Jewell stated he made a new friend a few months ago and after listening to his poetry they challenged him to “write a happy poem”. He thought the idea was compelling and wanted to give it a shot. When writing this poem, he kept in mind that treating your mental health isn’t all about “looking for the ‘big’ in everything: one breakthrough, one way to be happier, to be less depressed. It’s a slow climb in a way.” Jewell’s fans take his songs to heart and have a deep connection with them. After listening to ‘Something To Live For’, he is anticipating fans to be “instilled with hope, to keep fighting, and to continue to grow as people”. Jewell also stated, “The relatability is what impacts people. Even if this track isn’t relatable, I hope it inspires them to start thinking of things to live for.”

As if Jewell’s work isn’t relatable enough, his creative process gives an insight into how his work is consistently heartfelt and real. Jewell said, “I only write when I am feeling intensely. It’s similar to disassociation and I feel very out of body. I have never once sat down with intentions to write, and I hardly make edits to the songs. I definitely think music should come from the heart and lyrics from the soul.” Jewell’s ability to write in those vulnerable moments and place his raw, unfiltered emotions on the pages in front of him is mind-boggling and an incredible gift. He still finds it hard to grasp that his art is resonating with so many people, especially when they are “sharing the deepest parts of their soul with him all because he shared his [own]”. Jewell is very humbled by it all and considers the experience to be powerful and indescribable. Growing up he remembers telling his mom he wanted to “change people” and he is doing just that.

Jewell has considered taking a step further by making podcasts to dive further into the thought process behind his songs and explain the intricacy/complexity of the lyrics. He stated, “It’s a scary thought to dive into that because it is one thing to put the art out there, and it is another to reveal what it actually means. A lot of it is up to interpretation.” Despite podcasts being intimidating, Jewell will most likely end up taking that step because mental health is such a big passion of his. Aside from podcasts, a few “bucket list” items he wants to accomplish during his career as a word artist/poet/songwriter is to play a live show. Jewell stated, “Fingers crossed, I’m really hoping to go on a tour in February. Nothing is confirmed, but a live show is at the top of my bucket list solely to be able to see real life, tangible people who listen to my music. Being face-to-face with people to talk to them, listen, and share is something I cannot wait to do.” Just like any artist, Jewell started making music after being influenced by several musicians already in the industry. He aspires to collaborate with either Hobo Johnson or Flatsound which are two of his biggest inspirations. After only a few years of sharing his art on TikTok, Jewell is now a major inspiration to others, and is taking the introspective poetry world and music industry by storm. Keep an eye out for Jewell’s newest album coming soon that centers around the theme of loneliness with the track ‘Something To Live For’ as a “hopeful reminder” near the end.


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