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Interview: DACEY

Interview by Musically United

Photos by Clarise Xia

DACEY is an emerging Vancouver-based group who is pushing the envelope by creating art with unique elements. The band draws from multiple genres: alt-R&B, neo-soul, lo-fi hip hop, indie, and jazz just to name a few. Their recent single ‘Bitter’ is the most diverse track yet with the addition of emo to the ever-so-growing genre list. “Sonically the goal [of ‘Bitter’] was for the fans to not hold us in one genre, or one lane…to have us [be] more accepting and that we are open to many sounds,” stated Dacey. The single has been well received by fans despite its deviation from DACEY’s previous releases. The band is always willing to try new sounds, and jump outside their comfort zones making them unique in more ways than one.

DACEY’s desire to test the waters when crafting songs can be credited to the variety of musical influences each member brings to the band. Dacey Andrada (vocals) grew up on The Beatles, The Jackson 5, and Stevie Wonder, and is influenced by Amy Winehouse’s songwriting. Nate Chan (guitar) has always been into metalcore and the “2000’s emo scene,” and is very inspired by the band Counterparts. “The guitarist Jesse Doreen’s use of minor seconds and really dissonant chords is [not only] dissonant but emotional in a way, and that is something I strive for when writing and playing [guitar].” Justin (JT) Tecson (producer/engineer, guitar, keys) brings another genre into the picture by growing up listening to “the soundtrack of whatever was on Rock Band.” All of these artists continuously influence the music each band member plays through their headphones on a daily basis, as well as the music they create for the band as a whole.

Aside from musical influences, DACEY’s hometown of Vancouver and their cultural surroundings shape the music they share with the world. Vancouver “has the whole world all in one place,” and the different cultures interweaved influences the band to a great extent. “In schools, there is ‘Multicultural Day’ where music is played from around the world. You pick something you are interested in and do research on that. We pick up some things we have learned, and we incorporate them into our music. This really contributes to our different style/sound,” shared Dacey. Vancouver is similar to Toronto, but on a smaller scale, which contributes to a more close-knit community and the ability to be accepted into different cultures.

Between the numerous musical influences, cultural surroundings, and personal experiences, DACEY continues to be inspired despite the current state the world is in. The band has been collaborating with up-and-coming artists via Zoom, and is in the process of compiling a bunch of tracks for an EP. DACEY is eager to play more live shows in Vancouver, and tour outside of Canada in the near future. JT mentioned, “We are planning with our friends to do a west coast tour, and end up in LA as the last stop. That will be for August, but we will see how it goes.” If everything goes to plan, it will be DACEY’s first tour in the United States marking a major milestone for the band. DACEY has a lot in store, and never fails to keep fans on their toes. They will continue to be one of the most genre-defying bands who effortlessly channels their multicultural backgrounds into their art for years to come.


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